Report: Coaches Already Raising Eyebrows At Gareon Conley’s Missed Practices

When word spread today that Gareon Conley would miss his second consecutive practice, the response on social media was predictable. Raider fans already have enough images of Conley on the sidelines and the last thing anyone wants to read right now is that the former first round pick is missing again.

Fortunately this time the injury was mild – a hip strain according to defensive coordinator Paul Guenther. But after last season, it’s hard to ever assume that all is well with Convey and The Athletic’s Vic Tafur didn’t ease fears with an interesting update on Sunday evening.

Via The Athletic:

“Conley practiced Friday, but some of the new coaches and players have raised their eyebrows at Conley missing Saturday and Sunday’s practices with what Guenther called a hip strain.”

Coaches last year felt like Conley sometimes babied his injury (ultimately the injury was serious) and it sounds like Jon Gruden’s staff (and some of the players, too) might already be forming similar opinions of Conley.

Whatever the case, Conley has already missed more training camp practices (2) than he has been a part of (1) and Gruden has a history of moving on briskly from players who can’t get on the practice field. Not saying that will happen with Conley, but don’t believe for a minute he’ll be on scholarship with the new coaching staff.

If you’re reading this, Bashaud Breeland, the Raiders’ cornerback situation is one your agent should be following very closely.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Coaches Already Raising Eyebrows At Gareon Conley’s Missed Practices

  1. Have to admit it. Getting pretty tired of the Conley saga. Either play or go. He’s taking a spot that can be filled by somebody waiting to make a difference, get their shot, anybody.

  2. N0 sch0Iarships in h0use. fr0m gr0in t0 Hip n0t unc0mm0n.
    media c0ntinue t0 strike fear in the unkn0wing.
    S0rry keyb0ard is jacked. waiting0n new 0ne

  3. Really beginning to hate this guy. It isn’t fair he is making millions, and can’t even make it a day on the job. Man up, Conley.

  4. Some of Conley’s teammates questioned his desire to play last year. Now you’ve got his coaches doubting if he can play. If he doesn’t get on the field this year and stay on it, I can see Gruden moving on from him quickly. He isn’t likely to keep a guy on the roster who can’t stay on the field. Remember how critical he was of Obi during mini camp?
    These guys can’t help getting injured but how badly they want to play and how hard they want to work to get back on the field is an easy thing for a coach to evaluate. They can tell when a player is babying himself. It wouldn’t shock me if Conley isn’t on the roster when next season starts.

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