Report: Derek Carr Suffered Three Transverse Process Fractures In His Back

Derek Carr is expected to play this week against the Chargers, but it appears the fracture in his back was a little more significant than what was being speculated.

According to Raiders play-by-play voice Greg Papa, Carr didn’t suffer just a single fracture in his back. It was actually three fractures.

“[Derek Carr] does have three transverse process fractures and at one point they thought it was four,” Papa said Thursday morning on 95.7 The Game. “As far as the healing and how you deal with it, it’s not that much different than having one or two.”

By comparison, when Tony Romo suffered a similar injury in 2014, it was two transverse process fractures that forced the Cowboys quarterback to miss one game.

What’s interesting (or odd) is that the Raiders initially didn’t believe there was any significant damage to Carr’s back after tests in Denver. Head coach Jack Del Rio offered an encouraging report after the game and the bad news didn’t come until a day later.

Obviously, Carr will play through a good amount of pain on Sunday and if he can manage it, will be asked to do it again four days later.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Derek Carr Suffered Three Transverse Process Fractures In His Back

  1. Derek Carr is a beast & I’m proud to wear his jersey but I’ll will be praying he can still play at the level needed to get the Raiders season back on track

  2. Okay, so this season is now officially toast. A healthy Carr was ineffective for 7 straight quarters. Not his fault, but now we’ll never know if he could have turned it around. And a lost season of 6-10 or worse will reinforce loser mentality. After 15 years of bad football and organizational decline, it seems as though this is like raising the Titanic.

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