Report Details How Little the Raiders Wanted to See Russell Wilson Cook in Las Vegas

The Raiders don’t know who their starting quarterback will be next year, but it is clear that they think of Gardner Minshew as more than just a backup.

We know this, at least in part, because of the money they are forking over to get him.

Minshew and the Raiders agreed to a deal on Tuesday that is worth nearly $4 million per year more than what the highest-paid backup quarterback was paid a year ago.

And then there was another interesting detail reported by The Athletic on Wednesday.

According to The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur, Russell Wilson wanted to play for the Raiders after he was released by the Broncos, but the Raiders apparently weren’t interested…

They liked Minshew more than Russell Wilson — 12 times more, it turns out when you factor in that Wilson got $1.2 million from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wilson wanted to come to the Raiders back in the Jon Gruden days and he still did now, according to team and league sources, but the Raiders didn’t see him as a fit.

As Tafur pointed out, the Raiders chose to pay Minshew $12.5 million per year instead of signing Wilson at the cost of a third-string safety.

Antonio Pierce and the gang could have saved more than $10 million in yearly cash and about $6.8 million in cap room by signing Wilson, but they chose Minshew and that says a lot about somebody.

Maybe they really didn’t like Wilson or maybe they really like Minshew.

Or maybe it was a little of both.

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  1. Wilson ‘s persona and Pierce’s intensity would not blend well together.Glad they passed on the guy

  2. all the while the so called NFL media know it All’s kept trying to push that the Raiders had major interest in bringing Russell Wilson to the Raiders ! GTFOH with that Overhyped Bullsh×t.

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