Report: Gareon Conley May Not Play For The Rest Of The Season

As the 2017 season goes, Gareon Conley may soon be an afterthought.

The Raiders first-round pick has been dealing with a shin injury for almost four months and the pain simply hasn’t gone away. Once believed to be just minor shin splints, it appears Conley has been dealing with something much more serious – like a stress fracture.

It was an ominous sign when Conley missed his second consecutive game and rumors are beginning to surface that his season could be shut down for good.

“[Gareon Conley] may not play for the rest of the season. That’s what we’re hearing,” Bonta Hill (co-host with Greg Papa) said Monday on 95.7 The Game.

Obviously, it’s still an unknown or the Raiders would have made a decision on his status, but it’s starting to feel like the odds are against Conley getting back on the field.

If Conley doesn’t play again this year, the Raiders could be in real trouble at cornerback. The hope has always been that he would return to stabilize a weak secondary, but if that’s not an option, general manager Reggie McKenzie may have no choice but to get creative in finding a solution.

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13 thoughts on “Report: Gareon Conley May Not Play For The Rest Of The Season


  2. Del Rio never has his team ready to play the offense has no clue this year falls on the coaches Carr ,Cooper ,Cook, Crabtree, Lynch ,Richard Hire Jon Gruden a real X,s and O,s coach Todd downing in way over his head make lynch leasd back 20-25 carries per game you paid him use him

  3. Reggie doesn’t seem to ever hit on cornerbacks in drafts especially in the first round. With that said, I still think Conley will be a stud just maybe not this year. I’ve mostly been disappointed by the o-line. Why can’t we run the ball? Carr and Manual both don’t have enough time to make reads. That should happen with the NFLs higher paid offensive line.

    1. What happened to the O-line? They wer great last year and good for the first two games this year. Of course the second game was against the jets so it doesn’t count.

  4. it not the Team – It’s the OC & DC we need to look at. Our OC is over his head. before this to last find a new OC. Look at this, we have a number one receiver in Copper and how many time has he been target. such he had some drops we still keep to go to him to open of the field. Run more to set up passes. as far as our defense, put Smith’s *** on the bench and ride him out for a trade or cut him after this season.
    i’m just saying.
    Raiders for Life************************************

    1. I agree with you 100% Tob Wilson. I personally think we have the weakest OC/DC combo in the league. We’ve talked forever how Norton is in over his head and now we hired a OC who I believe also. I just believe the whole organization is a little to conservative and that separates them from other teams and really prevents them for making a big jump

  5. Another wasted pick in the defensive secondary. Why is it so hard to find a couple cornerbacks who can cover? Seriously, we haven’t had good corners since Hayes and Haynes.

  6. Its a lot too do with using one of the biggest if not the biggest offensive line in football in a dumbass zone scheme just too suit lynch because he is used to it. Not to mention running shotgun nonstop, when the raiders were great last year it was I-form and playaction off of it, they went downhill when carr broke his finger on a snap and they went shotgun…….low and behold shotgun this year and 3 straight losses, i’m convinced the Raiders are cursed with dumbass’s

  7. Another swing, and a miss by Reggie on a cornerback, he doesn’t seem to know that position very well.

  8. This is fucked up! It really his. Both of our top draft picks are injured when we need them the both. I agree that McKenzie has had this tendency to draft injured Def Backs. And it’s really hurting this team.

  9. Id rather see Borders take lumps then Smith give up big plays…Luani should play centerfield Reggie Nelson constantly is out of position& the O line is the biggest disappointment…I also agree the coaching and schemes are awful hopefully they figure it out or our seasons a wash

  10. The Raiders need to address their defenses weeknesses . Call Giants and get Rodgers-Cromarte for a pick and then call 49ers and get Navarro Bowman for a pick . The time is now . Straighten out the defense with those two playmakers and the offense will get better field position and more time of possession .

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