Report: Gareon Conley Still “A Little Hit Or Miss”

For the first time in his professional career, Gareon Conley was healthy for a full month of August. No mysterious injuries and no confusing setbacks. It’s been all football.

That’s the good news.

The not-quite-as-good news is that Conley is still trying to finding consistency in his third NFL season – and hasn’t necessarily stood out as the top cornerback on the Raiders roster.

“I think he’s still a little hit or miss,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur said this week on the State of the Nation podcast.

“I think they like that he’s been healthy. He’s been able to participate every day which has been new for him. But I think he makes really nice plays and sometimes he doesn’t and you’re kind of like ‘what the hell is he doing there?’ So I just think I thought Trayvon Mullen was going to push both [Conley] and Daryl Worley this camp. Mullen had a little hamstring the last few weeks, he hasn’t been playing much. So I think that’s been the issue there. But I do think at some point Mullen will make a push and I’m not sure which of those guys will lose some time. It might be Conley, but I think they like his skill set. I think they’re not sure it’s all there right now.”

When he was drafted in 2017, Conley was considered a gamble, but not because of his abilities on the field. Now that he’s able to focus only on football (as opposed to legal problems and injuries), hopefully Conley is able to put it all together in his third year.

For what it’s worth, the Raiders will have to make a decision on Conley’s contract after the season regarding his fifth-year option. But that’s not the most pressing concern right now. The roster isn’t particularly stacked at cornerback and defensive coordinator Paul Guenther needs someone (preferably Conley) to step up and be the CB1 Conley was drafted to be.

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1 thought on “Report: Gareon Conley Still “A Little Hit Or Miss”

  1. Typically , the 3rd year will show if a cornerback can really play or not…takes time to develop , so they say. This player , Conley , is in a make or break year. I was pretty offended when he came in , with “Conley Island” and trying to pimp his “Brand”. Seemed a bit premature , since he was hurt and didn’t play. When he came back from injury last season he sucked , then he got a lot better 2nd half of the season. That’s great if he keeps it up. Hope he doesn’t get a concussion in a non-contact drill like Vanderdoes…if he pulls up lame again it will be a huge disappointment.

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