Report: Jon Gruden More Staunch on Derek Carr Than People in Raiders Owners Box

After a long offseason of pandemic talk, the NFL season couldn’t officially return until media pundits started talking again about Derek Carr’s status with the Raiders.

It’s been a little more than five months since the “Brady to the Raiders” rumors were squashed and on Monday, NFL Network’s Mike Silver essentially kicked off the new football year by offering his understanding of Carr’s support within the Raiders’ organization. According to Silver, Carr remains in very good standing with the football minds in the Raiders’ building, and specifically with head coach Jon Gruden.

“In reality, Derek Carr has a very firm hold on this job, at least for this season,” Silver said during a Monday NFLN appearance. “My understanding in that building is Jon Gruden is more staunch on Derek Carr than the people in the owner’s box.”

Gruden and GM Mike Mayock treaded lightly when addressing the Brady rumors over the winter, but there is good reason to believe the Raiders were never seriously in the mix for Brady. Some (or even a most) of the Brady rumors came from the Brady camp – and for obvious reasons. In fact, Gruden seems to be far more attached to Carr than what most seem to think.

But the “owner’s box” is a new twist… at least in public circles.

Whether true or not, Carr is about to enter his seventh season as the Raiders starting quarterback and just about every report around him and the offense has been encouraging to this point.

On that note, isn’t it interesting how the narrative around Carr shifts every few months?

The same voices (yes, media voices) that tend to blame Carr for the Raiders losing record in December always seem to criticize his supporting cast in August. It happens every year. This year, though, the Raiders finally have a stockpile of offensive playmakers and Carr is entering his third year in Gruden’s offense. For once, the stars seem to be lining up the way they were supposed to.

And Mark Davis ought to be very happy about that.

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46 thoughts on “Report: Jon Gruden More Staunch on Derek Carr Than People in Raiders Owners Box

  1. Carr will prove once and for all to be mediocre.
    He is not a franchise QB and IMO he is scared to get injured so he check downs the ball at an alarming rate. Scared players don’t last long in the NFL. I’m sure Gruden is just bidding his time till Marcus learns the entire play book and gets some reps. The Raiders will bench Carr and cut him in the offseason and by 2023 nobody will even mention his name again in raider nation (unless he is on TV crying again) Let’s also be honest The guy is an embarrassment. From challenging espn reporters to cage fights, to demanding respect, to the weird Twitter battles where his brothers jump into the mix to defend carr against random fans. Shouldn’t carr as a leader be above all this? I am willing to bet anyone who is reading this a steak dinner that carr has at least 2 burner accounts that he actively uses to defend himself in social media circles. The guy is a head case and is too caught up in his public image as a fearless leader and tough guy. Derek needs to win 1 playoff game before he gets even an ounce of respect. I hope Derek also remembers that Connor Cook isn’t here to bail him out this time, no this time Derek Carr can’t get injured b/c Mariota will take his spot and his captain C for good.

    1. You sound crazy bro. Carr threw over 4k yards and had a 70% completion with no wrs. Tyrell williams was done after 5 games but he was balling and waller was carr’s only consistent target. So yeah what other choice was there other than checking down.

      How did Connor Cook bail out Carr?

    2. Ricardo, did you know there are statically published reports that show Carr is a fantastic Qb who is blamed by guys like you who…

      Don’t REALLY UNDERSTAND the whole team concept is needed to advance into the playoffs…

      Last year Carr held the 1st place record of ALL NFL QB’s in overall efficiency in the entire 1st half of the 2019 NFL Season with tons of 1st year rookies before both William’s & Renfrow went down…

      Ohh yeah…

      Carr was also in the MVP race only 3 years into his new NFL career before getting injured…

      Carr does not need to prove himself to anyone as much as he needs better Raider fans who are capable of analytically accessing the whole picture before they start accessing blame !!

      Go Derek and his awesome new Raiders squad of Killer Coachs, Gm”s and new Player additions that will soon make Vegas’s feared new NFL DEATH STAR a feared hostile dome that other teams dread visiting… : o

      1. What r u ? In love with Brady or TEbow, or Mahonnes??? R u a denver fan? What inspires such hatred? GET A LIFE!!! Carr is one of the best qb’s in the nfl. And watch..u r going to b surprised and owe out a lot of money in 2023!

    3. You’re crazy, let’s see you almost be the league mvp and break your leg then come back to a team and coaching merry go round and be firing on all cylinders. Get real dude!!!

    4. Seriously? He’s afraid so he checks down? This is why people talk so badly about us Raiders fans. Most speak this way out of understandable frustration but you can’t get emotional. Put yourself in Carr’s position. If you have NO DEEP THREAT to take the top off the defense and create soft spots in a zone scheme for WR’s to catch the ball, a check down is the right play. You can’t take away all the talent we had at wr and expect to have a QB succeed ALL WHILE LEARNING A NEW SYSTEM….. specially the system of a mad scientist. Carr did great with young undeveloped talent and declining talent in Coop and Crabtree but he’s never had talent assembled for the long haul like now. I truly do not understand the hate for Carr. Why do we as raiders fans ALWAYS ROOT FOR THE BACK UP…. we have no patience. We are worse than the senile Al Davis in his later years. How do you with all the self assurance in the world say that someone is scared? That’s beyond me….. you sir give us REAL RAIDERS FANS a bad name. I bet you always want the coaches fired. You wanted Tom Brady, you wanted Jamarcus Russell, you wanted Johnny Manziel, Antonio brown, Larry Brown, Desmond Howard, etc etc you want hype and things to happen instantly….. be ready to have Carr shut your mouth once and for alm

      1. Thank you, bro!! 100% with you on this!!! Changing WRs and TE, OLine needed help, Defense was hurting.. but this season we have tremendous talent, better options and opportunity. RN4L!

      2. Very well spoken! Can’t wait to see what this 2020 squad showcases for all of the true Raiders fans..

    5. You are a real idiot a true donkey boy go to your team leave our team you unknowedged idiot

    6. Ricardo, go kick rocks. You have a lousy opinion. Come with facts, how does Connor Cook get brought into taking the blame for Carr, when the sport is based off performance, and I’m sorry, you must have been under a rock, but there have been many changes with the Raiders organization. Changing of coaches, managers, even the **** stadium, and when your team mates you just get use to playing with are traded and then you have to start over takes more than a season.. wait did you even play the sport to understand all that? Wait, I just realized you just wasted my time on your opinion.. done.

  2. Look, I’ve been a Raiders fan for 52 years. I KNOW my team. If Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden don’t go out and get that 25 year old pass rusher who currently plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars then they can only blame themselves for not excelling this season. The truth is that the Raiders actually ARE in a position to upstage the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs this year IF they acquire this young man. Having Carl Nassib replace Benson Mayowa IS NOT going to give the Raiders what they want. Acquiring this young man WILL. ANY and EVERYONE can tout Mike Mayock as the next great sports analyst turned General Manager, if they want to but all that will be talked about, at the end of this season, is WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN IF Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden HAD added Yannick to their roster. The NFL has millions of stories about missed opportunities. The Las Vegas Raiders, 2020 edition, SHOULD NOT BE ONE OF THEM. Just for arguments sake, imagine what Yannick could bring to this team. He is younger than Jadeveon Clowney, his upside is better, he’s there for the asking and his football record and acumen is proven. THIS move could solidify Mike Mayock’s and indeed Jon Gruden’s legacy in football history. If Jon Gruden wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger on the Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper trades then what is the holdup on making this one? The truth is that this season could possibly rival some of the Raiders’ greatest seasons ever IF and ONLY IF Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock have the “temerity” to make it that way.

    1. Your an idiot that doesn’t know football Mariota will play when in 4th quarters when raiders blow weaker team’s out this yr and we trade him next yr or two for a 2nd pick lol

    2. Nice to hear from a grizzled old veteran of Raiders fandom.
      I ,too, have been a Raiders fanatic for at least as long as you.
      I respect your opinion. No doubt the Raiders would be a better team IF they pulled the trigger on the trade. But, I believe they already habe enough talent to not only win the division but go at least as far as the AFC championship game.
      And dear God ,let’s please sweep the Chiefs along the way.

    3. I more orbless agree with you. This defense is younger, faster, and has more playmakers, but if the Raiders are to getbiver the hump in the AFC West, they need to find a way to make Mahomes uncomfortable



    1. I think carr can and will do good this season he’s is the best QB we’ve had since rich Gannon Carr to me is not the problem Carr can go out and put up 35 points and the defense will give up 38 then when carr gets you only 13 then the defense will play better and give up only 14 I believe in Carr and the defense they will be the surprise team of the year. GO RAIDERS, OAKLAND RAIDERS FAN SINCE 1975


  4. I’m wondering why no narrative regarding the the Raiders pourous defense, i.e. worst 3rd down defense, seems to be related to wins and losses, as much as the play of Derek Carr. Example: Trade defenses with Cheifs and Raiders. Keep offenses exactly the same but trade defenses. What would be the result??? Research the defensive ranking of every Super Bowl champion. I’m guessing a low percentage of champions have a defense ranked in the bottom half. I’m also guessing if one were to cross reference quarterback rankings of same teams, you’ll find wins and losses relate more to higher ranked defense than quarterback stats.

    1. Why not trade the offenses except for the quarterbacks? It’d be fun to. See Carr play with last year’s KC offense and Mahomes play with the Raiders’.

    2. Matthew, Amen to your statement regarding defense! How many superbowl champions or superbowl teams for that matter have been there with a defense that can’t stop teams on 3rd down. You can pull all the stats in the league on QB’s and I think everyone eats crow when reading or comparing stats even with the greats such as a Tom Brady. In order for the Raiders to be successful they need depth on both sides of the ball which I do believe that we will see this season. Finally DC has some young talented football players surrounding him. 2020 will be a breaking year and I personally believe that if the O-Line remains healthy this team will turn some heads. Finally we will see a more complete squad!

      1. Ya man. I was spoiled growing up on ’70’s & 80’s Raiders teams. Those defenses were legendary. I remember early 2000s we signed Parella and Romanowski and there was an aroma of 70s in the “D”. I do feel like there’s a corner being turned this year. That’s what August brings – fresh optimism. Thanks for the response.
        Have a Raider day!
        Matt Brown

      2. Derek will finally have the speed of Ruggs that he needs to perfectly place that early anticipated lead off throw (he does this so well) in his open arms for the score! I can see it now. ladies settle down Derek Carr is the truth
        #Raider Nation

  5. Get ready because Carr is going to silence all the doubters! I’ll be shouting it all year long

  6. Every year is the same with this team….All talk and no action but only disappointment. I’m tired hearing the same crap every off-season. Of course every player is gonna talk positive coming into the season…but as soon as it starts, everyone is on cloud 9 distracted by squirrels running across the fields. Back up the talk and do something….got bigger expectations now with a new state and stadium with new weapons….

  7. i say sit back and enjoy the show,were gonna be,no are better on both sides of the ball with very talented personal. its gonna be possibly the best team we’ve had for a long time.lets see what they do and y’all can continue your whining in the spring while us RAIDER FANS CAN SIT BACK,RELAX AND SAY”TOLDYOUSO”

  8. Are we playing for stats?or to win games?Carr has to win the Superbowl,or barely lose it to stay in vegas

  9. Raiders need to play 4 qtrs of football not play to protect a lead, push the envelope continue to score, stop predictable plays, be productive after halftime. No excuses this year use all our weapons.

  10. Carr please shut these “so called fans” up this season. I’m getting tired of the lack of respect. The “Raider Nation” stands behind you and wish you the best this season….” Leetsss Gooooo” RNFL – Vegassss Baaabyyy

  11. So over Carr, such an unlikeable douchebro. I wouldn’t care if we win every game and the super bowl, CARR HAS TO GO. Gruden can go with him. Losers can’t help but to lose.

  12. Excuse making for Carr is almost up. 4k yard seasons are not an anomaly anymore they are the rule. Overall record and no playoff appearances spell MEDIOCRE! at the end of the day, It’s about did you get it done or not.

  13. It’s unfortunate but yes car does have footstep fever. But nevertheless is Arsenal weapons at wide receiver has been the question oh, and to us it hasn’t been the answer because we haven’t had much. I believe dreams going to do something this year with him covid-19 Factor included, and with a special kind of luck and perseverance Carr’s going to do well this year. Because of history has shown us anything is the Raiders Excel on Bad seasons
    Hint The strike. A battered up Jim Plunkett came to us and rested and took it to the Super Bowl that year. So we should do good this year plus who cares I love the Raiders no matter what regardless of who’s at the helm Marc Wilson

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