Report: Kolton Miller Up To 330 Pounds

After an up-and-down rookie season, the grade on Kolton Miller is still very much “I” for incomplete.

Miller started the 2018 season better than expected, but his lack of size (at least in terms of weight) and the presence of a nagging knee injury still make it difficult to project what the Raiders might have in their young left tackle.

But according to Miller, the knee is healing and the body mass is well on its way.

“I have been training with Dan Jameson at Boss MMA in Roseville. I am close to 330 pounds right now and bench and my squat have gone up,” Miller told The Athletic’s Vic Tafur. “I was throwing around 505 pounds in the back squat and benching 320 like it was nothing. I got a lot stronger… Besides weights, we’re doing movement drills and working on my footwork. I have been doing some boxing and some hip exercises as well. A little bit of everything.”

As for his knee, Miller said his knee still has some “looseness” but doesn’t think it will affect his play this year.

Looking ahead, Tafur has said repeatedly that he thinks the Raiders will keep Miller at left tackle despite giving Trent Brown $16.5 million per year. At the time of his signing, Brown said Jon Gruden hadn’t told him anything about where he’d be playing and Gruden has never commented publicly on the matter.

Reading between the lines a little, it’s probably safe to assume the Raiders would like to see Miller win the job at left tackle. He might get first crack at the job, but you can be sure Gruden’s leash will be fine as frog hair now that a proven left tackle has been added to the roster.

Go ahead and give Miller and Brown even odds to be the Raiders’ starting left tackle in the season opener against Denver.

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  1. Best news for the Raiders, my understanding is that Parker has also added quite a bit of muscle.

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