Report: Kroenke Wants Chargers, Fears Raider Fans At His Elaborate New Complex

When the Chargers were given the opportunity to join Stan Kroenke’s project in Inglewood, many believed Kroenke would do what he could to keep the stadium to himself. As it turns out, Kroenke may actually want the Chargers in Los Angeles.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, the Rams are motivated to add the Chargers in part because they don’t want the Raiders – or more specifically, they don’t want Raider fans.

Cole said the Rams view the Raiders as a “marketing challenge” because of the Raiders’ history in Los Angeles. According to Cole, the Rams are also concerned that the stadium’s “elaborate” shopping complex would not benefit from having Raider fans in the area.

Bottom line: Kroenke and Colin Cowherd are of similar mind – they both view Raider fans as thugs.

Or maybe they’re just afraid to share a bathroom with Dr. Death…

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