Report: Martavis Bryant Hired Attorney To Appeal Possible Suspension

It’s been an interesting couple weeks for Martavis Bryant and the Raiders, but there may be some sense to his bizarre release and return to the team after all.

According to an ESPN report on Saturday, Bryant has hired an attorney to appeal his possible drug suspension – which is apparently stemming from an incident that occurred before the Raiders traded for him in April.

Obviously, the threat of a suspension is still real, but it sounds like the league may not have a home run case against Bryant. Whatever is going on, the process may be about to drag out – which will be fine with the Raiders since they only have him under contract through this season.

There’s also a decent chance the Raiders knew when they released Bryant that this might happen (or even planned it prior to his release). Now his contract is week to week and they can cut bait whenever they want.

With Bryant back in the mix, Jon Gruden’s offense should once again be loaded with deep threats. Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson ran some vertical routes on Monday night but weren’t open nearly as much as Gruden made it sound. Look for the Raiders to dial up a few deep balls in Denver to try and quiet the ‘Carr is afraid to throw deep’ narrative for at least another week.

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