Report: Mo Wilkerson Would Welcome Trade To Oakland

The Jets are not “actively pursuing” a trade partner for Muhammad Wilkerson, but with no long-term deal in sight, it’s believed by many that the Pro Bowl interior lineman is very much available for the right price.

The Raiders, of course, have been linked to Wilkerson for over a year and according to CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora, the Raiders were prepared to pounce on Wilkerson had he entered free agency.

But now that he’s slated to return to New York on the franchise tag, would the Raiders consider a trade for Wilkerson?

That’s an idea La Canfora has been pushing for several months including a recent column imploring Raiders’ GM Reggie McKenzie to make a move Wilkerson.

La Canfora, who has long been a mouthpiece for Wilkerson’s agent, said Wilkerson would “leap at the opportunity” to join the Raiders – a team La Canfora says is very much interested in acquiring Wilkerson.

Oakland can certainly afford Wilkerson in terms of salary cap and they’d likely be willing to pay him, but the deal breaker would (or maybe already has) come in the form of compensation. McKenzie holds draft picks in high regard and the Jets are surely seeking a king’s ransom for Wilkerson.

However his situation plays out, it’s a safe assumption that Wilkerson’s message is out there. He has been frustrated with the Jets for a while and likes what he sees in Oakland – a team on the rise that can afford to pay him. And he’s ready to be paid.

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18 thoughts on “Report: Mo Wilkerson Would Welcome Trade To Oakland

  1. What do the Raiders have to give in compensation other than draft picks? If the Jets are looking to move up in the draft, I believe the Raiders should be compensated for moving back. Mo Wilkerson for our pick and we get a second rounder for next year’s draft. Might sound a little ridiculous but moving back that far in the draft is a big deal.

    1. I can guarantee you jet’s not interested in swapping pix. Ny would want a 1st and probly a 2nd/3rd.

  2. While I would love to have Mo Wilkerson on our team. It seems the Jets best move, considering their situation is to sign and trade him with their number 1 pick to the Titans for their number 1. Then they can fix their QB situation, which the Titans have already addressed.

  3. It would be great but Reggie would rather save pics only n this is a deep defense tackle draft

  4. A great option for Big Mack (GM McKenzie) would be to swap both first and third round picks with the Jets and throw in the early fifth rounder we got from the Cowboys. The key here is to sell the fact that they would be in play for Paxton Lynch with the 14th pick moving ahead of the Rams. Jets get 14th, 75th & 143rd. We get 20th, 83rd & MO!

  5. The image of Reggie parting ways with 2 draft picks just doesen’t look right. He’s too draft oriented to trade so much. The Raiders are not desperate anymore. We have a good D line, will surely pay a lot of cash for Mo, but no draft picks are leaving Reggie’s wallet this off season. I would love to see Mo in Silver and Black, it’s just the wrong price tag for the Raiders.

  6. Sorry, the Raiders are not giving up a King’s ransom for Wilkerson or anyone else. With the 14th pick, we draft Rankins & the defense is set. Wilkerson would be a great pickup, but the price tag would be much too steep, especially since the Jets can’t even sign their QB, let alone put a tag on Wilkerson, who they knew they had no money to keep.

    And I’m sure Reggie is saying to himself, “How you like me now?” Remember, 2 or 3 years ago he supposed to be the worse GM in the NFL. Now, guys like Wilkerson & others are calling him for a job. And La Canfora is trying to help his cause with that crazy article he wrote. Crazy NFL we live in!

  7. Wilkerson would be a nice pick up for Oakland at the right price. The problem is the Jets hold all the cards and Reggie has proven to be too smart and too patient to make costly decisions. Maybe they work something out but if the Jets really do want a kings ransom. Oakland wouldn’t be interested in being suckered like some other teams out there.

  8. The Raiders should wait till next year for Wilkerson, the Jets want a kings ransom for a player who is only under contract for one year! Than Wilkerson himself will want to get paid and their are no promises he would stay a Raider the following year or test FA and the Raiders could likely end up giving up Teo kings ransoms. Their is no dire need for him right now like last year. Raiders need to wait and pay Wilkerson next year in FA if they still feel they need him.

  9. I hope that Reggie does not allow this opportunity to slip by. The Jets are in no position to ask for a Kings ransom, in that if they are not able to sign Wilkerson long term they could lose him next year with little compensation.

    If I were Reggie, I would offer the Jets a second this year and a conditional next year. I would then trade down in this year’s draft hopefully reacquire a second round draft pick.

    Hopefully Jaylon Smith is available to select. If not take a DT preferably Vernon Butler or Andrew Billings. There is a chance Noah Spence will be available too.

  10. We trade Matt {our backup QB} and a 2nd and the extra 5th rounder for Big Mo,covers there QB problem and we don lose to much,plus Matt deserves a shot. Just my opinion dont flip out and send hate mail seriously!

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