Report: Move To Right Tackle May Benefit Donald Penn’s Healing Foot

According to former Chargers team doctor David Chao, the Raiders decision to move Donald Penn to right tackle may have had a little something to do with his health.

Writing for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Chao said that Penn’s move to the opposite side of the Raiders offensive line may actually put less stress on his surgically repaired foot:

“Right tackle may be the easier spot for Penn at this point, as the left foot is his major foot when playing right tackle. At left tackle, the inside is the right foot.

It is the inside foot that is the power and anchor side — the base from which the left tackle kicks out and protects the quarterback’s blind side.

For whatever other reasons make this the correct move in the minds of Raiders coaches, this flip may be of medical advantage and rather than being a demotion might be something that helps prolong Penn’s career.”

According to reports from camp, Kolton Miller has been impressive at times, but hasn’t always been consistent – which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Protecting Derek Carr’s blind side is arguably the most important responsibility along the Raiders offensive line so it will be interesting to see how patient Gruden and company will be with Miller.

The Raiders have three weeks to figure out what offensive line combination makes the most sense and depending on what they come up with, it will be interesting to see where Brent Giacomini and his $3.5 million cap number fit into the equation.

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