Report: “No Timetable” For Antonio Brown To Return From Foot Injury

According to an ESPN report on Wednesday afternoon, the Raiders have no timetable for when Antonio Brown will return from the foot injury that’s been hampering him for weeks.

Michele Steele on Twitter

The Raiders have no timetable on Antonio Brown after he was found with extreme frostbite on his feet from cryotherapy. Wow. SalPal reporting just now on SportsCenter.

Brown’s injury, which is apparently the equivalent to frostbite on his feet, hasn’t been healing as quickly as initially expected. On Wednesday, the All Pro wide receiver was held out of practice altogether. Previously Brown had been practicing sporadically (and looked good), but it sounds like the Raiders may be changing their approach.

The most important detail to Brown’s recovery is getting him back to 100 percent before the regular season begins, but in the meantime AB is missing valuable reps with his new quarterback.

Jon Gruden said he was anticipating a little drama at camp this year, but frostbitten feet on his best receiver had to have been an unpleasant surprise. If all goes as planned, a little time off his feet will give AB a few layers of skin in time for the season opener – or even a little sooner would be fine.

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