Report: Raiders Aggravated With Their Flagship Radio Station

When the Raiders learned they were headed to Las Vegas, they knew it would be a delicate transition from a public relations standpoint.

What they probably didn’t expect (so soon) is a scenario where their “flagship” radio station would further complicate matters.

According to a recent report from Steve Berman of The Athletic, Raiders brass has become increasingly aggravated with 95.7 The Game in recent weeks.

“The sore feelings began with a contentious interview of Del Rio conducted weeks ago by Damon Bruce. The Raiders were even less pleased with what they heard on the day after Jimmy Garoppolo’s first start with the 49ers, a 15-14 win over Chicago — on ‘Raiders Monday,’ no less. The Raiders felt like that day that it was nothing but Jimmy G talk throughout the morning and for the rest of the day.”

The station, which at one time was essentially an extension of Raiders public relations, has made a clear shift to include more 49ers discussion in recent weeks – and the proof is in the audio archives on the 95.7 The Game website.

Given their relationship, it’s not difficult to understand why the Raiders would be upset with their friends (though many are no longer in the building) at 95.7 The Game.

Eventually, Bay Area radio will make a clean break from the Raiders and from a business standpoint, it would be wise for local radio to appeal to more 49er fans – and it sounds like that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

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22 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Aggravated With Their Flagship Radio Station

  1. Good for 95.7, I can’t stand the 49ers ,but I do understand dumping on a team that has dumped on us.I will always be a Raiders fan but a little tired of the way the Davis family has treated us..the Raider fan base has always been there through good times and often bad! At the very least we should get 1 more winning season before they abandon us.

  2. If the Raiders were relevant. Winning, or even competing instead of being the biggest disappointment in the NFL……then they’d have more positive things to say about the team. They aren’t. It sucks …… to suck.

    1. That’s not true because a few yrs back they said there’s nothing to talk about when the Raiders where losing but since the niners lost harbaugh they made it a point to always talk about them. Basically contradicting their stance… Business move is one thing but Joe lo and dibs have very much been doing so for the past few years…

  3. That’s because Damon Bruce is a big mouth prick miner fan who is clearly always bias when it comes to to Raiders. Damon Bruce is a raider hater no matter how much he tries to say he’s not, he always has an excuse to put down the silver and black no matter if they winning or losing the man just hates, but when it comes to his miners you can tell he doesnt talk the same about the 2 organizations. Damon Bruce is a big mouth joke who likes to talk out of his *** all the **** time. As a raider fan I would listen to the pricks radio weekly cause of the raiders, but I could no longer listen to him, I found no matter what we did this man would find a way to hate. I also feel sorry for his co-host Anna who is nothing more than his puppet to agree with his stupid idiotic views on things. When it comes to the raiders the man is clearly a hater! Justwinbaby!

    1. Damon Bruce does a great job. He was slaying Jed York for years. Keep it Down.

      Smart Unemotinal Raider Fans

    2. Typical delusional raider fan response. The team doesn’t care about the fans they want to get away from the Oakland fan base and try to clean up their image. The station isn’t talking about the team because they aren’t worth talking about. The interview they are upset about was Bruce asking legitimate questions about the game in Mexico and the poor play of the team this year all of which del Rio sidestepped. The fans deserve better play and better explanations. And if you are from Vegas or somewhere else no ones cares about your opinion

      1. Typical niner fan response, your team hasn’t been relevant and still isn’t. Don’t see any 49 er fans at there away games, in fact not too many at the home games. So maybe you should become a Raider fan now…or you will probably join like the other haters do when they end the season with a better record than your team

    3. So are we winning? No? Then he is right to have bad things to say… Listen to Greg Papa’s, he said the same thing, but in a different way. If we were winning it will be a different story but we are not. I bad mouth the raiders staff every week even if we win the game because I actually watched the game. Have you seen our play? Carr relapsing? Our two recievers who decided to bake cookies before each game? Butterfingers as I call them. Yes there is reason to bad mouth.

      1. I agree that Damon is a d bag. I listen to the game everyday and it wasn’t a problem until that interview.which I heard. He asked Jack some good question of which he got upset with. I’m a raider fan and thought there were good questions. Jack needs to get his stuff together cause they also report him coming in at 9oclock. Were losing can I get some coaches hours put in. Bed in the office. New England does more with way less talent. It’s the coach not 95.7 not Damon dirt bag. Garrappalo has been exciting for bay but they wouldn’t be need if we were handling our business

  4. That’s exactly what they are doing – and more power to them! The Raiders are moving on from Oakland so why shouldn’t the fans move on to the more exciting team currently, and the one that will STAY in the Bay Area. I did so when the Raiders abandoned Oakland for LA the first time and was able to enjoy the Joe Montana era.

  5. Alot of talk about the Raiders abandoning the city and fan base, but what is not discussed is Raider brass and city officials not coming to a resolve on a putrid stadium filled with Oaklands sewege! Years have gone by and Oakland refused to allow a new stadium be built despite MD wanting to stay. What was he supposed to do? So Al, with the same problem was looking at Vegas himself before he died. Oakland was not willing to budge until we 12-4 and then they decided to say “we offered a solution and MD turned it down” bull ****! It was about Oakland making money off the backs of a winning record. All about the money! So you fans want to jump ship to SF go ahead. Just means youb never were a REAL fan! Its about time the Raiders got some respect with a near $2 Billion stadium! So, GFY’s!

  6. Maybe Del Rio should coach better, 3 years a defensive coach and the unit still sucks, Secondary is brutal, draft has been a flop except for a few guys.

    I’m a Raider fan since 66, but I find myself watching less Raiders and a bit more 49ers, they are better coached and play much harder through out the entire game, sad, Del Rio and team have lost their way….

    1. Any team plays harder than the Raiders. Lousy owner, lousy GM, lousy coaching staff and an abused fan base that will not visit Vegas to watch a mediocre team abusing the wallets of the low wage Las Vegas stadium urchins.

  7. Radio is a business clear and simple. This has obviously come from the top. And all of the staff, announcers and sportscasters must fall in line or they won’t work there.
    I was only listening to the station for Raider news. So on a so called “ Raider Monday” when they gushed over Jimmy and the Niners all day I knew what was happening.
    So now more than ever I want the Raiders to win, and shove their success, bravado and fan base in 95.7’s face!
    I have removed the station from my cars presets and have removed the app from our phones.
    Go Raiders! Goodbye 95.7

  8. Funny How everyone likes to talk about The Raiders “Abandoning” Oakland yet the team was in Oakland how many years and is STILL playing on a disgusting baseball field that is such an embarrassment to professional sports that AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR during baseball season you have RAW SEWAGE spewing onto the field (reference Yankees vs Oakland). Oakland is losing the Raiders because it never cared enough about the Raiders to give them AT THE LEAST a functional home PERIOD

    1. Something 95.7 could never play into. Mayor Libby never had an answer to the move. The fake Ronnie Lott “ offer” was a ploy at best. There was not a cash investment from anyone short of a take-over of the Raiders and that was not going to happen. She and the dirty power players behind Oakland Government have longed cared less about that area unless they had complete control and forever taxation and union jobs. As for her support of Oakland Look across the street, have you ever seen a Wal-Mart close?
      There could have been an exceptional Stadium/Hotels/Convention type of village here. But that gone!
      95.7 you have to wonder if you will have any sports contracts coming up!

  9. Messed up that they wouldn’t advertise a team they broadcast games for. Bad business to me. Thinking about deleting the station app cause. I get about as much team i fo there as anywhere else. They sound more and more like Raider haters as time goes by.

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