Report: Raiders Among Six Teams Pushing Hardest for Jalen Ramsey

According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, the Raiders are among six teams that are deepest in trade talks with the Jaguars for Jalen Ramsey.

The other five teams listed in the report were Kansas City, Baltimore, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and Seattle.

Its worth noting that if only one first-round pick is involved, the Raiders pick would probably carry the most value in the eyes of the Jaguars. Of course, Oakland is also the only team on the list with two first-round picks in 2020 – and you can bet Jacksonville has their eye on both picks.

Who knows what the price for Ramsey will eventually be, but it’s a mystery why the Jaguars would want to expose Ramsey to an injury in Thursday’s game if the plan is to trade him just a few days later (and for such significant compensation). Furthermore, why would Ramsey risk a new deal with massive guaranteed money (that would presumably come in the trade) to play in Thursday’s game?

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If I’m serious about trading for Jalen Ramsey, I make my bottom-line offer right now and I insist on Ramsey not playing tonight.

Consider it one of the reasons Ramsey should be dealt sometime today. Several reports have indicated that a trade is expected later in the week or even next week, but common sense in the matter should push Jacksonville to make something happen before Thursday’s game.

We’ll see what happens, but if the Jaguars roll out Ramsey tonight, they’re taking a very avoidable risk of losing at least one very high draft pick next year. Kind of makes you wonder if they aren’t quite getting the compensation they were hoping for, doesn’t it?

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  1. If he plays then there is no trade. If you play him and he gets injured the Jaguars lose anything asked for. And if Ramsey gets injured he loses money.

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