Report: Raiders Among The Teams That Russell Wilson Would Consider A Trade

Rumors have been swirling for a few weeks that Russell Wilson might be trying to find a way out of Seattle.

Until now, most of the rumors have come in the form of soft reporting, mostly speculative in nature. But now it seems like the Wilson camp might be ramping up their efforts to force a trade.

“The Seahawks haven’t reached the NFC Championship game since 2014, and Wilson’s frustration has escalated to the point that his camp has broached potential trade destinations with the Seahawks,” a report in The Athletic indicated on Thursday. “According to sources, those teams include ones mentioned in La Canfora’s column the day of the Super Bowl: the Dolphins, Jets, Saints and Raiders. Some people around the league think a trade could happen, if not this offseason then sometime in the near future.”

The report also indicated that Wilson does not like the philosophy brought to the team by head coach Pete Carroll and the All-Pro quarterback even stormed out of a meeting with coaches prior to a game this year.

One thing that we’ve learned in recent years is that players with big contracts are increasingly having more ability to force trades. It hasn’t played out that way with Deshaun Watson (yet), but the last thing the Texans and Seahawks need is the leader of their respective teams showing up to training camp angry with the organization. There aren’t many locker room built to achieve success without the cooperation of the starting quarterback.

So get your popcorn ready. There is a lot of NFL drama probably coming in the month ahead.

As for the Raiders and any potential connection to Wilson, look for them to dump as many of their resources as possible into building a defense in the offseason… like they did last year, but ideally with a little better success this time around.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Among The Teams That Russell Wilson Would Consider A Trade

  1. Why would the Raiders be a possible destination? Deplete resources to buy a very high priced offensive player makes zero sense. And, if the defense is stunted because of a lot of money + draft picks are sacrificed to minimally improve a good offense, how smart is that?

  2. Wilson is a good quarterback. He had generally better stats than Carr last year, and by QBR / Rating was rated about 3 places higher than Carr. He is also about 2.5 years older than Carr. Their salaries for 2021 are actually comparable due to the fact that Wilson got a huge signing bonus on his recent contract. I’m no expert on salary cap, but I think this means there would be a lot of dead money on the Seahawks’ books if there were to be a trade, which probably makes any trade impossible. Wilson took a lot of sacks last year compared to Carr, so there could be o-line issues there, or he could also be holding onto the ball a lot longer than Carr, who is pretty good about getting rid of the ball. The Seahawks also had much better receiving weapons with DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and an assortment of decent tight ends. The Carr haters would probably love to see this happen, but I don’t think it would be the slam dunk they might think due to the factors listed above. If it happened, it would probably be on close to straight-up terms. And I’m not sure that Gruden wants to train a new QB on his offense.

  3. With Gus Bradley we’ll pick up 2-3 wins. With Wilson and Bradley we’d pick up 5-6 wins, and maybe get past the 1st round in the playoffs.

  4. Twelve teams need a QB and we got two, Mariota #8 is staying and so is Carr, everything else is nonsense and wild speculation. We have Eleven position needs and QB is not among them O.K, so it it is time for some realistic conversation among this rosters real needs and how they get addressed. Everything else is a less than sober Carnival Barker drunk on fake news and selling tickets to the wrong ride all right, we don’t need QB’s. You don’t get heard if you can’t access because the information is irrelevant. (I don’t even have to write any more and I still get through and this is why I am telling you in advance you will see no movement in this position. ) Next conversation please about a real need that improves this team. Raider ON Nation!

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