Report: Raiders Believe They Can Work Something Out With Donald Penn

According to an NFL media report, Donald Penn has “dug in” on his decision to hold out from Raiders training camp.

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie believes they can work something out, but according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the team doesn’t want to negotiate a new deal until Penn returns to the team.

So who will blink first?

Notably, the matter sounds to be less about the money and more about how the sides want to go about negotiating new money. Penn’s camp obviously feels the Raiders had ample time to negotiate a new deal in the offseason (he says the team was approached twice) while the Raiders will try to manage Penn’s holdout in a manner that doesn’t encourage others to hold out in the future.

Applying some reason to the situation, there’s almost no chance Penn’s holdout isn’t resolved within the next couple weeks. At 34, Penn is in no position to miss meaningful games and with no clear option at left tackle, the Raiders can’t afford to gamble on a season with so much promise.

The real question, for now, is how long will the Raiders put their $125 million quarterback on the field during the preseason with a patchwork offensive line?

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21 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Believe They Can Work Something Out With Donald Penn

    1. Penn signed on the dotted line now honor you’re contract. Stop being a big baby,stop throwing tantrums.maybe you’re agent should’ve done his job and negotiated some incentives if you performed above expectations . Be mad at him not at Reggie.Reggie already made it clear that he is willing to work it out if you show up so be a man about it and handle you’re business like a grown man.I have lost a lot of respect for you Penn, fix it before it’s to late, and one of the younger guys shines and replaces you.

  1. Lost all respect for Donald Penn. Your word is your bond. He said and signed that he would play last year and this for x amount of dollars. Now Greed sets in. His word means nothing. Says he DESERVES more. All the while I don’t see him holding out for the vets who have lost limbs to be paid more. Our real heroes. But he deserves more. He looks past them and everyone else including his own dignity by not honoring his word, all for his bank account. Shameful. You say something you do it, whether for the good or bad, that’s your word/integrity: stick by it

    1. Not to mention, he’s more about his bank account than the guys next to him in the trenches and his QB and the whole team who need him there working with him, gelling.

      1. Well let’s see you got 22 players making more than him you have 3 on the team making more than him show the man the respect he deserves and make him one of the top 10 O lineman that’s all he’s asking for RESPECT and he is one of the best we have PAY THE MAN

        1. He should have thought about it before he signed on the dotted line.he needs to show up and handle it like a man. Hope Reggie holds his ground on this until Penn finally grows up and shows up like a man.Shame on you Donald Penn.

  2. Please pay the man. Penn has done nothing but exceed everyone’s expectations since coming to Oakland. Yes , he is 34 but the man is a Rock. The loyalty alone that he shows Carr and his fellow teammate’s is worth an increase in pay, not to mention his is a top 10 LT in the NFL. I implore Big Reg, PAY THE MAN !

  3. slide Kelechi Osemele ovwer to LT and vadal alexander into the right guard spot. send gabe jackson into his orginal position and LG an dbe done with it…let donald penn rot….

    he know this is a special team that can do things,,,yet he holds out?

    let penn ROT….fine him ther 40K per day

  4. Austin Howard’s money is there, to be used, to bring Penn back. A one- or two-year extension is possible. The Raiders can give him a good raise. He deserves it. He’s McKensie’s best free agent signing because they weren’t sure that he had much left. The Raiders found Penn had a lot more than they expected. He’s been a pro- bowler since he got to Oakland. Recognize him and pay him. I don’t think Reggie’s a fool. Pay Penn!

  5. If Penn were injured, Raider would be in same position to have to find replacement anyways. Love Penn! Come back soon.

    1. and if Penn was hurt he’d still be getting paid so who would be losing out there, the Raiders right?Penn needs to grow up and handle his business like a man.

  6. Hurry up Donald, Carr needs you to redeem yourself for letting him get hurt last season!!!RAIDER NATION!!!

  7. I normally believe that a player should honor the contract he signed but lately I’ve come to understand why players hold out. What’s fair is fair. If the team can cut or release a player before the terms of the contract are up when it’s economically feasable for them; then it’s only fair that players not be frowned upon when they have obviously outplayed their current contract. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. With that being said. DP should hold out until the Raiders see that not having him to protect DC is a huge mistake.That could be Saturday but will definately be after tbe 3rd pre-season game. Everyone else is getting paid there worth. They even extended JDR prematurely. When DC went down he couldn’t get the team up for what was a division title and potential home field lock. Everyone forgets that. The team flat out sucked without Carr. Pay the man and quit playing games before they have to find out the hard way.

    1. A contract agreement is still a contract agreement.Just like the rest of us when we all sign any contract.

    2. A contract agreement is still a contract agreement.Just like the rest of us when we all sign any contract.He just needs to show up and work it out.

    3. Remember who gave up that sack, that’s right Donald Penn, the one holding out.

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