Report: Raiders Expected to Keep Three Quarterbacks

Jon Gruden has a plan and apparently that plan includes keeping three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Gruden intends to keep both Mike Glennon and Nathan Peterman as backups to Derek Carr – with Glennon as the no. 2 and Peterman as the no. 3.

There have been a number of respected insiders suggesting Gruden might keep three quarterbacks (actually Gruden said it himself if you were bold enough to believe him), but this is the first concrete report on the matter.

Glennon has apparently held on to the primary backup role, but after being outplayed by Peterman for much of the preseason, the veteran can’t be holding a lead over Peterman by much. Glennon hasn’t been bad, but he has tossed 3-4 head-scratcher type throws – the kind that tend to drive Gruden crazy.

Just a hunch… deep down in the wild and unpredictable mind of Gruden, there’s a soft spot for Peterman that will eventually nudge Glennon right out the door. You can’t keep three quarterbacks forever… and you can only play one of them at a time.

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  1. This is why Gruden is such a loser he makes a few good moves than does something stupid because he has a love fest with a player that should not be kept on the roster. You do not keep 3 quarterbacks when you need all the defensive line help you can get. Hopefully some in management can bring some sense to I

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