Report: Raiders Expected To Return For A Final Year In Oakland

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Oakland Coliseum Authority and the Raiders have resumed negotiations for the team to play one final season in Oakland.

“One person familiar with the situation on Tuesday expressed belief that these talks will culminate in a 41st season for the Raiders at the Coliseum,” Michael Gehlken of the Review-Journal reported on Tuesday, adding that negotiations have actually been ongoing since late last week.

“The meeting was productive and meaningful,” Coliseum Stadium Authority executive director Scott McKibben told the Mercury News on the same day. “Our deal is still on the table and it was on the table... we are willing to continue talking if the Raiders would like to.”

The separate reports both expressed optimism that a deal will get done to bring the Raiders back to Oakland for a final year, but both noted that the Raiders did not respond with a comment for the stories.

Whatever the case, it sounds like there may be real hope for a final year in the Coliseum for the Raiders – which is something the players and the fans certainly deserve.

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