Report: Raiders “Fascinated” By Kyler Murray

HSince turning his back on baseball (and the Oakland A’s), no player in the 2019 NFL draft has the potential to cause more chaos in the first round than Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray.

According to NBC Sports’ Peter King, the Raiders are “fascinated” by Murray and King believes four teams that might be interested in trading for Derek Carr are Washington, New York (Giants), Miami, and/or Jacksonville.

Still, it’s a long shot that Jon Gruden will trade Carr. It was an up and down year for Carr in his first year with Gruden, but every indication is the two are committed to winning together. Nevertheless, the trade rumors around Carr aren’t likely to go away until the draft.

Whatever the Raiders do, they might hold a key position in the draft for anyone interested trading up for Murray. But if the Cardinals, who own the first pick in the draft, take Murray (you can probably safely bet on that happening), the Raiders are guaranteed one of the elite defensive players in the draft with the fourth pick – which might be their best need-based scenario, anyway.

If Murray isn’t drafted first overall, it’ll be interesting to see what the Raiders prefer teams to think they want to do with the fourth pick. Will they want teams considering Murray to believe Gruden wants Murray and force someone to jump ahead of them in the draft? Or would Gruden and company prefer to be the trade partner for anyone wanting to pick Murray? If so, squashing the trade rumors around Carr might be the better option.

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2 thoughts on “Report: Raiders “Fascinated” By Kyler Murray

  1. I find it deplorable how Gruden has treated Carr by allowing constant trade chatter for most of the past season n throughout this offseason. The Raiders Organization is a wreck n no amount of draft picks will change that. Watch this alleged Guru Gruden pay top dollar for a defensive lineman proving how he lacks any of the traits a coach/gm with a contract for hundred million should possess. He has done nothing but lie to media, players, n fans from day 1, making terrible head scratching decisions while not showing loyalty n class to none of the players he deceived when bringing them here or the ones that were here. I do not refer to Cooper or Irvin as they should have been gone long ago. A respectable coach with class would have stood up long ago for Carr advising everyone that Carr is n will b the qb of the Raiders n display 100 percent confidence in Carr. But this is a guy who thought Manziel was the next coming n a bunch of other players who flopped. But blame is on the retarded owner Davis who has no clue whatsoever n has no business owning a football team

  2. This is very difficult for me. I WAS an avid Carr Supporter, but the analytical persona I have and ability to spot certain patterns, which are now public. Either you need a top #1 tier QB…or a qb rookie deal. Carr is on books for 22.5$ And 7.5 dead cap. Now he would be a fit in NY as he recently challenged Kellerman to MMA match…showing he isnt just some bible toting softy…he is a football player and he played with a broken back. I think you hold off on trading him even if they draft Haskins or Murray….I’ve been all in on Haskins since he helped Buckeyes comeback vs Shitigan in ’17 as a back up! I wanted him to start vs Wisconsin! Anyhow Carr outside of that Mma match comment has Make-up the Marra family look for in QB. He could make Jaguars contenders so better off trading him to NFC…Reddkins maybe

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