Report: Raiders Feel NFL is “Prejudicial” Against Them, Vontaze Burfict

If you feel like the Raiders are constantly being targeted by the league, you happen to be in good company today.

The Raiders apparently feel that way, too.

ESPN insider Josina Anderson reported on Wednesday that the Raiders expressed to the NFL that they believe the league is being “prejudicial” to the team in their discipline of Vontaze Burfict.

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Lastly I’m told per source the Raiders expressed in their own words during the appeal they feel Burfict’s suspension is prejudicial to their team, that Burfict has done everything they’ve asked him to do…including be a captain and was a AB/ Mayock peacemaker.

Hours after this tweet, the NFL announced that Burfict’s suspension was upheld and the Raiders starting middle linebacker will not return this season.

After reviewing the Colts game, the NFL also determined that another hit by Burfict was deemed helmet-to-helmet and would also be considered in the league’s decision to uphold the punishment for Burfict.

This was the second hit in question. It looked like Burfict thought a pass was coming to the running back and it’s difficult to tell how much contact was made between the helmets without a clearer picture – not that the league ever really needs evidence help them to do whatever it is they want…

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Here’s the other helmet-to-helmet hit that Vontaze Burfict delivered during Sunday’s game: second quarter, 13:24 left, and Burfict launches and blasts Colts’ RB Nyheim Hines away from the play. Later came the hit on Colts’ TE Jack Doyle that got him ejected and suspended.

The Raiders played well on defense this week without Burfict, but they could have significant depth issues at linebacker going forward. Burfict was also the “quarterback” of Paul Guenther’s defense, so that will be something else to keep an eye on.

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