Report: Raiders Found Derek Carr Brought Legitimate Trade Interest

Derek Carr will be back as the Raiders starting quarterback in 2020 and we now know that a lot of the smoke around his rumored departure over the last few months has been little more than internet pollution.

A few well-known insiders (the usual crowd) even projected that the Raiders might cut Carr. But as it turned out, he reportedly ended up getting significant trade interest.

“Las Vegas also believes it’s not far away and wasn’t going to overreact,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported on the Raiders quarterback situation this week. “The fact other teams would have pounced on a Carr trade reminded the Raiders they had a good player at the position.”

In fact, there were a number of trade inquiries for Carr over the past month despite the flooded quarterback market – which says a lot. Teams that could have simply signed a free agent were prepared to make offers for Carr and it sounds like the Raiders, to some extent, were a little surprised by the attention that he got around the league.

Certainly Carr wasn’t perfect in 2019, but he has more value at his position than what social media tends to give him credit.

Exactly how much value did other teams place on him?

That’s a detail that will hopefully surface in the days ahead.

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9 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Found Derek Carr Brought Legitimate Trade Interest

  1. Hell yes he peaked some teams interest he is a seasoned good if not great QB …the surrounding member of the Raiders has been a problem … Our playoff run ended with his injury . That year we over acheaved with the gutsy gambles Coach Del Rio played to win games … And Derek was pulling it off our team didn’t improve in coaching . We did pick up Mack …who turned out to be more than expected ., Cooper not so much … So here we are … Coach Gruden . With GM Mayock are on track to bring the Raiders a championship in the next 5 years … Patience Raider fans the story is still being written … Go Raiders

  2. Oakland lost Jared Cook, Antonio Brown, Jacob’s did awesome for a rookie, still learning pro game. I was at the Jets-Raiders game the weather sucked, that was no excuse for all the Raiders dropped balls, we should have 1st n goal, 1st possession wasn’t raining at that point and TE wide open bad drop, receivers couldn’t catch. 2nd half we got rolled. Carr was excellent on the road, rough conditions, receiving corp weak year and Carr still had a 100 QBR for the season. Very solid NFL QB.

  3. Oh wow , now they’re going to say this was all horseshit, what the Vic Tafur’s of the world said? From day 1 I said the Raiders would be nuts to get rid of Carr, even for Brady! Yea teams would have pounced on him because he’s a really good QB, and there are no clear cut better options! Carr2020

  4. Carr will be a great QB if you get him a talented WR group who won’t drop the ball. Mark my words give DC talented WR and we can make him an MVP. Remember what I said on this day in March 25th.

  5. It’s time for the Raiders coaching staff and ownership as well as the Raider Nation to STOP dumping on Derek Carr and give him the Raider Nation faithful the support he deserves …

  6. Derek carr did more with less than any other QB in the league last year. Gruden let him be uncomfortable to keep his drive going for Vegas. He pushes all players at every position. He’s the Grinder after all.

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