Report: Raiders “Had Moment Of Panic” Believing Eagles Might Take Josh Jacobs

According to a report on Monday, there was a moment of panic on Thursday evening when the Raiders thought they weren’t going to get Alabama running back Josh Jacobs.

This was the exchange that took place in the Raiders draft room, as told by NBC Sports’ Peter King:

“There’s been a trade,” someone in the Raiders’ draft room calls out. “Philadelphia’s got 22 now. Eagles on the clock.”


The rookie GM running his first draft, Mike Mayock, froze. “I’m like, ‘Sh–!’ Moment of panic. THE EAGLES JUMPED US FOR OUR GUY.”

The coach, Jon Gruden, who’d irascibly told Mayock he’d better not screw up the Raiders’ three-pick first round, jumped out of his chair, seething. “There goes our running back,” Gruden said. Coach and GM knew the Eagles loved the same player they did, Alabama running back Josh Jacobs, and now, moving up from 25 in trade, the Eagles would be in position to steal the guy Gruden had his heart set on making one of the three cornerstone players in his offense.

Thirty seconds passed, maybe. Mayock studied terms of the trade, and while he did, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther called out, “Wait—the Eagles traded ahead of Houston too.”

That’s right, Mayock thought. The Eagles didn’t just jump us. They jumped Houston too. They went ahead of Houston to Baltimore.

“Wait a minute, Jon,” Mayock said to Gruden. “I think this is about the tackle. They’re not going up for the running back.”

“Really?” Gruden said.

Mayock knows everyone in football from his 18 years being a media draftmeister. He knows Eagles GM Howie Roseman especially well, being a Philly guy and the color guy on Eagle preseason games the past five years. He knows the Eagle roster, and he knows the Roseman trading zeitgeist—he won’t waste draft capital trading farther up than he needs. Word on the NFL street was that Houston’s number one tackle was Washington State’s Andre Dillard. So the Eagles had to be angling for Dillard.

They were, as it turned out. Dillard to the Eagles at 22. We’re home free, Mayock thought. Tytus Howard to Houston at 23. And now …

“Can I call him?” said Gruden, suddenly a Golden Retriever, all bouncy and eager. “Can I call?”

Aside from the entertainment value of the story, it’s good to know Jacobs was the player Gruden and Mayock were always eyeing at pick 24. Jacobs had been linked to the Raiders in a number of reports in the days leading up to the draft and those reports turned out to be anything but “fake news.”

The quarterback rumors on the other hand…

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  1. I’m glad to see us get Jacobs, With him and Warren we will have a very good running tandrum. Put Washington in and out to catch a few passes we will be fine. There is a god!!! I’m also glad to see lynch retire, I think he had slowed some, plus didn’t quite have the beast mode any more, and injuries where setting him back.

    GO RAIDERS !!!!!!!!!!!

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