Report: Raiders “Kicking the Tires” on Potential Trade For Darius Slay

The Raiders are still in the market for a cornerback and according to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, there is the potential for a trade if the Raiders can’t find any better options in free agency.

“The Raiders really wanted former Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones but got nudged out at the finish line when he landed with Miami, and league sources say they are kicking the tires on a possible trade for Lions corner Darius Slay,” Tafur reported on Wednesday.

Furthermore, Tafur says the Raiders are not assuming Eli Apple, who signed with the team on Wednesday, will be a starting cornerback next year. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to dump a draft pick and $18 million per year on Slay, who turned 29 in January.

With that in mind, after barely missing on Byron Jones, we do know the Raiders are willing to spend on a cornerback, so maybe don’t rule out anything.

Money could be running a little low for the Raiders in terms of salary cap right now, so Gabe Jackson might want to stay close to his phone if the Raiders decide to get aggressive one more time. His $9.6 million cap number can be wiped away quickly and without the consequence of any dead money.

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This is the team I’ve heard linked to Slay the loudest and most often. Gabe Jackson as a potential trade chip is an interesting wrinkle.

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10 thoughts on “Report: Raiders “Kicking the Tires” on Potential Trade For Darius Slay

  1. This is posted as a report, but it is more fiction coming from ‘The Athletic. Name one story that has been broken by them that has turned out to be even partially correct:

    -Gruden and Mayock not getting along over the AntonioBrown deal? No.
    -Raiders going after Tom Brady? No.
    -Raiders looking to replace Carr? No.

    ‘The Athletic’ failed to see how hard the Raiders were going to go in Free Agency. No hint of trying to sign a DT or DE. Everybody knew about Littleton, but how come they couldn’t figure out the Raiders were going after 2 LBs?

    My point in all of the above is that ‘The Athletc’ cannot be considered a trustworthy source, and that they are not reporting stories,they are trying to create controversy based on their own speculations and preferences.

  2. As usual I put no credence into anything Vic Tafur says! Kicking the tires is media speak for someone said something to someone who said something to me, but it was no one in a position of authority with the Raiders! Raiders will not land say, a source told me…

  3. With what we have picked up in free agency is a wide receiver and a corner our first round picks

  4. I feel Slay would be a good veteran pick up, if he doesn’t break the bank, yet even if we get him and we allready have apple i would still like 2 more cbs in the draft because it would force a strong competition which breads greatness

  5. I hope they spend the money on slay. Slay closes the gap on everything they need to be a solid defense. Then they can go out and get 2 wide receivers if they wanted to. Harris and Aiyouk would pit them on another level in years to come. The Raiders are in the best position to kill this FA and draft class.


  6. If the Raiders were serious about Clay why did they sign Apple? The price tag for Clay seems too high. Seems like they are trying to fix the defense solely through free agency. They did get two starters at linebacker, but mostly some solid back ups and rotational players after that. Perhaps they are going to go offense heavy in the draft, other than maybe another linebacker like Murray or Queen?

    1. I concur, but as 4 cb maybe we can nudge someone on there rookie deal who has alot of potential

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