Report: Raiders May Pursue “Rockstar Head Coach” via Trade

The Raiders are a win away from making the playoffs, but rumors are steadily swirling around their coaching situation.

In the last three weeks, interim head coach Rich Bisaccia has significantly improved his chances of keeping the job, but there is still a lot to be determined. Among the Raiders’ other considerations, according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, is a trade for a “rockstar” head coach.

“I think the Raiders would love to go and still perhaps get a rock star,” Glazer said on Sunday morning. “Maybe even look to trade for somebody. A Mike Tomlin or Sean Payton. Something along those lines.”

Jay Glazer on Twitter: “The coaching firing carousel began this AM w the firing of Vic Fangio. It’s just the start. Here is my coaching forecast and what you need to know of who’s safe, on the hot seat and still in flux as well as an extensive guide to candidates to fill those jobs. / Twitter”

The coaching firing carousel began this AM w the firing of Vic Fangio. It’s just the start. Here is my coaching forecast and what you need to know of who’s safe, on the hot seat and still in flux as well as an extensive guide to candidates to fill those jobs.

The other name that has been consistently linked to the Raiders is University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Whether he returns to the NFL or not, Harbaugh is looking at a big pay raise either from Michigan or a team like the Raiders or Bears.

It’s anyone’s guess how the Raiders’ situation might play out, but if they win four in a row and make the playoffs… how do you not keep the coaching staff intact?

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19 thoughts on “Report: Raiders May Pursue “Rockstar Head Coach” via Trade

  1. Like your articles and the fact you let us comment on them. My opinion make the playoffs and keep present coach and staff together for next year.

  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be writing about a coaching change when the Raiders face a win and your in the playoffs game against the Chargers at 8:00pm tonight Sunday night January 9, 2022. But, the two coaches named, Sean Payton, and Mike Tomlin are very interesting. The Sean Payton name would greatly cure the offensive and quarterback problems. He may be a very important mind to make Derek Carr a better quarterback. While the Tomlin name may be a very important asset to open up the defense and set team discipline. Either of these two names demand consideration for the head coach job at the Raiders if they make a serious effort for the position.

  3. Will you please stop with your stupid assumptions for our next coach and concentrate on tonight’s game. You really have no idea what you are talking about and stirring the por!

  4. You can’t trade draft picks when you’re not a great team. I’d love to have Tomlin but not for a 1st round pick and/or more. Payton was a product of Brees. If it comes down to making a change, you get Harbaugh. All he will cost is money. Keep your draft picks,

  5. Because like the great Al Davis, we’re not merely trying to make the playoffs. We’re trying to win the Lombardi. Hire Harbaugh, trade the career sub-500 Derek Carr (56-70 Win/Loss record) whose NEVER appeared in a playoff game, for a number 2 — it we can get it, and like Al said, have Harbaugh remind us “the greatness of the Raiders is in our future !”

  6. Yes Raiders got in the playoffs, but it should have been easier than it was. Kick the xp- coach decided to go for two when it was unnecessary. Dee played conservatively, which kept the Chargers in the game. Unless they somehow win the Superbowl they should, if possible, upgrade coaches and players. Always look to improve and never stand pat.

  7. Raiders are in the playoffs as a wild card. Basatchia did better than expected after losing Gruden for racist and homophobe emails. Lost Ruggs to a DUI manslaughter and then dumb **** Damon Arnett for posting terrorists theats on Instagram. Yet management and owner ship is out shopping for someone to take our head coach place. Jack Del Rio had the Raiders as a 12 – 4 team and in the playoffs. Next year at 7 – 9. He gets released for Gruden and signed for 10 year 100 million dollars. Didn’t have one winning season except for a back to back 8 and 8 record with zero playoffs to show for. At least with coach Basatchia their in the playoffs. I can’t believe Mark Davis is looking for a head coach. Shaking my **** head!

  8. I like the interm coach….but we do need a harbaugh type of coach to better are team in the future…

  9. I say keep Rich…**** he took on a head coach job with so much turmoil within the organization and came out and lead the raiders to the playoffs….everybody had us dead in the water…the players love rich…that’s why they played their asses off and beat the chargers….**** mark Davis don’t pull the trigger on another coach….Raider fan since 1967….Rich all the way baby…

  10. what i like about rich is he isn’t calling the plays on offense or defense. he’s the leader and motivator. i didn’t like that gruden called the plays. i would like to see mayock gone if he was the lead voice in the draft not gruden. one or both of them are at fault for the drafts. but the last one was much better.. we could use a better OC but I doubt carr will be let go so changing oc will just hamper him..

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