Report: Raiders Nearly Traded Howie Long For Jay Shroeder

Howie Long, the legendary Washington Redskin? If not for Joe Gibbs, it might have happened. According to a recent Washington Post story, it was Al Davis’ infatuation with Jay Shroeder that nearly led the Raiders to trade Long to the Redskins in 1987.

From the Post column, this was Redskins’ QB Doug Williams on how the trade ultimately fell apart:

From what I understand, it was real close on the Monday before the first game, but Coach Gibbs decided not to do it. Those deals are between the Bobby Beathards, the Ron Wolfs and the Al Davises. I just work here.

The Raiders would go on to start three different quarterbacks in 1987 – Marc Wilson, Rusty Hilger, and Vince Evans. Unwilling to watch another season defined by instability at quarterback, Davis traded for Shroeder the following year – this time giving up RT Jim Lachey, who ended up being a three-time 1st-team All Pro with the Redskins.

After not being dealt to Washington, Howie Long went on to play in four more Pro Bowls with the Raiders before retiring in 1993. Shroeder was 32-25 in five seasons as Al Davis’ starting quarterback, including a 12-4 season in 1990 that ended with the infamous 51-3 loss to the Bills in the playoffs.