Report: Raiders Prioritized Keeping Khalil Mack Out Of The AFC

The Raiders had teams lining up to trade for Khalil Mack, but according to Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, they were not only looking for the highest projected first-round picks they could find, but Jon Gruden and company also wanted to keep Mack out of the AFC.

“The Los Angeles Rams confirmed they made an attempt for Mack, but I’ve heard the two most attractive offers outside what the Chicago Bears sent were from the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets,” Miller reported on Friday.

“The Raiders didn’t want to send Mack to the AFC, though, and felt the Packers’ first-round pick would be too low.”

The Bears, assuming Mitchell Trubisky isn’t a flop, look to be a team on the rise. But they’re also in a division with the Packers and Vikings – both of whom should be among the favorites to win the NFC for the next few years. The Vikings might be the best team in football and the Packers have Aaron Rodgers, so not much else really matters in Green Bay.

If you happen to subscribe to The Athletic, Dan Pompei write an interesting story about the Bears on Friday and at least one NFL scout said he was particularly leery of Trubisky:

“I’m not sold on him honestly, mainly because his inexperience as a collegian and he hasn’t played a lot of games in the pros. I wasn’t overly impressed last year. He’s athletic and can run around. His arm is strong. I don’t see the touch, and I don’t think he sees the field that well. I think they will have to ride their defense until he catches up. He’s not a top-tier quarterback. I’d say he’s the weakest link of their team.”

Hopefully, Trubisky can live down to those expectations or maybe even be worse. A top-5 pick would be a real treat and it’s the least the Bears should do in return for arguably the best defensive player in football.

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  1. Out of the AFC, really? If you’re that scared of Mack, you find a way to keep him. The word is we could’ve resigned for less than Bears contract 6-months ago. 4-years to championship for Raiders & Bears or bust.

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