Report: Raiders RT Trent Brown Dealing With Issues In Both Legs

The Raiders are banged up all over their offensive line and it’s not clear when the situation is going to get better, particularly as it relates to right tackle Trent Brown.

Lost in the excitement of Monday night’s game was a report from ESPN’s Steve Levy that Brown is actually having issues with both calves.

Rumors have been swirling about the Raiders unhappiness with Brown’s commitment to getting back on the field, and it’s noteworthy that the team has not placed him on injured reserve. By keeping Brown off injured reserve, the Raiders are indicating that they expect him to return within three weeks. If at any point they believe he’ll be out longer than three weeks, the decision should come down to place him on injured reserve.

Since being signed, Brown his missed almost as many games with the Raiders as he has played. Oddly enough, the Raiders offense has averaged 5 less points per game in games he has played (compared to the ones he has missed).

How does that happen?

Whatever plays out with Brown going forward, don’t assume the Raiders will cut him at the end of the year. His salary cap number drops from $21.5 million this year to $14 million next year. That’s a relative bargain if he somehow learns how to stay on the field.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Raiders RT Trent Brown Dealing With Issues In Both Legs

  1. That’s not true. He has $0 Dead Cap after this season. His $14 Mil comes in a salary. His guaranteed money was front loader over 2 years. That’s why there is rumor of him pulling a Antonio Brown (remember they shared the same agent Drew Rose) that is a tactic that alot of his players have used! They run out of Guaranteed money and they want want to leave the team so they can get another huge contract with more Guaranteed front loaded. Seems like he jumps team every couples years. Not to mention he has a large ego and I think he wants to play left tackle. Raiders should cut or try and trade next year for sure. He has a looking case over his head where he assaulted his ex that quietly came up last spring and haven’t heard about again. I’m out!!! We can draft a solid right tackle in the 3rd next year

  2. Bottom line get on the field & earn the money 💰 you are getting paid. Stop the excuses. You are well paid & got money to support your family. Stop the B.S. Play the game you are paid to do, otherwise man up & dont act like the piece of garbage A.B. just leave & don’t look back.

    1. I hope he reads all these comments, So his fat piece of S$$$ he really is. He’s going to be gone next year trade him to the Jets Or Jacksonville. Most hated raiders of all time . 1 A-Bach 2 Trent Bach 3 Jamarcus 4 Marquez Pope for letting Shannon sharpe n the Ravens complete a 3 n 15 when the raiders had them pined on there goal line. 4 Anthony Dorset letting Shannon Run right pass him in the AFC championship game

  3. All owners should quit signing players that have drew as their agent that would keep this ship from happening The owners have let this stuff happen because they let the contracts be structured this way if no owner would sign them with Contracts that Are structured this way this stuff may quit happening Let the players make their money but they need to work for it this like the rest of us do

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