Report Says Cash Flow Was “No Small Detail” in Rodney Hudson’s Release From the Raiders

It’s been a strange stretch of news around the Raiders over the last few weeks. A lot of good players have left the organization and, so far, not a lot have signed up.

There are a few theories making rounds about why the Raiders have blown up their offensive line, but one that probably shouldn’t be ignored popped up (again) in a report on Tuesday.

Are the Raiders once again strapped for cash?

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur said it was “no small detail” that the Raiders saved $9.9 million in cash by releasing Rodney Hudson. Tafur added that the pandemic (with no fans buying tickets) put the team in a financial position that they didn’t expect to be in right now. Could that forfeited revenue have been a factor in Hudson’s release (and some of the other contract affairs going on at the moment)?

Only Raiders owner Mark Davis and very few others would know what the team’s financial situation looks like, but if Davis is at all short on cash, buying a WNBA franchise in February probably wasn’t the best idea. At least not in the short term.

We know the lack of ticket sales (which was in part Davis’ decision) cost the team a lot of money. That isn’t speculation at all. Hopefully, though, that financial hit won’t have an affect on the roster moving forward… but there seems to be a chance that it might.

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