Report: “Significant Trend Upward” Or Todd Downing Will Be Fired

With just five games remaining in the season, the Raiders have left themselves with little margin for error as they prepare to make a final push for the playoffs.

The stakes are even higher for offensive coordinator Todd Downing, who is reportedly coaching on the very hottest of hot seats.

According to a CBS Sports report on Sunday, Downing “has not endeared himself to many in the building” and could soon suffer the same fate as former defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

“There would have to be a significant trend upwards for there not to be changes to that offensive staff,” CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora told Greg Papa on his 95.7 The Game radio show on Wednesday.

La Canfora seems to believe that Downing will remain with the Raiders through the end of the season, but previously indicated that head coach Jack Del Rio will probably be inclined to move forward with “more proven coaches” on both sides of the ball in 2018.

Downing will face a hapless Giants team on Sunday that should offer a pleasant jumpstart to the Raiders sputtering offense.

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18 thoughts on “Report: “Significant Trend Upward” Or Todd Downing Will Be Fired

  1. Not all on him but he’s certainly a big part of the problem. Need everyone pulling together, playing with passion, not off on some vendetta like Crabtree!

  2. I say let him go today, however I do understand jack is married to him at least for the rest of this year. His play calling don’t really have much meaning to it in terms of multiple plays working of just 1 play. Jack blew it at one point last year we were a top 5 offense, his move should have been fire Norton in the offseason not Mustgrave! Last year we have receivers an running back breaking wide open for big plays, this year I bet you we already have more 3 in outs on offense then we did the entire season because the plays are very little leagueish.

    1. Musgrave wasnt fired. His contract was up and they didn’t renew it. How’s he working out in Denver? Norv Turner is an OC, Gary Kubiak is an OC, the people raiders hire are trash.

  3. Brutal coaching all around, O -Line has been weak most of year, Crab and Coop have had the drops all year, Marshawn is all about himself, not a TEAM this year,

    D scheme is weak, do the DB’s ever know where the ball is, can’t they run and turn their head? Just brutal fundamentals who teaches the DB’s? Whole team is tough to watch, guess we all got fooled last year by those close wins, did the league adjust and coaching staff and players never adjusted? if you are Mack to you resign with this team????

  4. The problem was about 85% adjusting to Downings scheme, 15% execution by the players (which is understandable given that they were learning a new system)…especially the Oline (which it was dumb to change the OL scheme anyway, what with it being so successful last yr).

    That 4 Game losing streak was tough. Playing the Pats showed just how unreliable the Raiders WR’s are, and how they can completely stop the offense from functioning.

    The only changes that should be made on offense are 1 the WR coach(es), who’s doing a poor job preparing those guys, and 2 bring in a new high Rd draft pick to push the top three WR’s for playing time.

    The best way to light a fire under anyone’s arse is to make them think theyre expendable (plus, if we’re being honest, Cooper is an elite slot receiver prospect, not a true #1 WR. He’s not aggressive enough). So, RM should draft a Megatron/Julio Jones type to be that #1, keep Crab @ #2, and move Coop to the slot, where he can do the most damage. Easily the best WR corps in the NFL. Plus Downings scheme will be implemented by then, and the Raiders should compete for the best offense in the NFL in ’18. Just my humble opinion.

  5. Let’s just called it the way it is, jack is the only one to blame for a lot of things that’s going on,,if Crabtree were on the patriots, he would be unemployed, he doesn’t hold players accountable and makes horrible coaching decisions, should have kept musgrave and never hired Norton, Norton and downing are both first time coordinators, and it’s showing and has showed. It’s time for a complete overhaul and maybe even at the top.

  6. Big mistake ever giving downing the job ,we had a potential top #1 offense ,now we a team that looks like it’s chances to make a playoff run are slipping away…I put this debacle on McKenzie’s lap

  7. RM hires Allen as HC who has never even been a coordinator. He hires Downing to be OC who has never called plays. He fires Musgrave and keeps Norton. Pretty good job on picking players but coaches, not so good. Can live off the pick of Carr for a while but other moves are head scratchers. Namely Veldheer. You have to ask yourself, why do you let a LT go for no good reason. I think we know the reason. Completely lucked out in Penn becoming available otherwise that position would have been a major disaster.

  8. The Musgrave move was a huge gamble considering we are a playoff team. But now that the move was made, there is going to be a learning curve that you will have to live with. Downing has no experience. Hopefully, he will improve enough before our window closes. If not, RM will have to live with that one.

  9. They together screw up their whole season with all 1 yard and behind line passes. Fire now

  10. PS: Carr, stop babying your WR’s by making excuses for them and enabling them. They drop a pass, get in their face. Time to be a leader. You can’t be everybody’s friend. You want the team to follow you , then take charge. Somebody has to. That would be you.

  11. Todd downing sucks period. He talked a big game behind the scenes to help in the letting go of Musgrave, yet he has not been able to do anything at all with one of the best offensives in the NFL, heck he can’t even get them in control. If oakland ever wants a chance again they need Musgrave back,and good luck he’s in Denver. You guys screwed up big time.

  12. Also Jack del Rio you need to be tough on the idiot lynch a.k.a. drama boy every where he goes it causes drama. Murray was clearly a younger better choice for this young franchise. WTF are you doing letting young talent go. **** pull your heads out of your asses.

  13. Give the young guy a chance. Not his fault that the wide receivers have dropped a boat load of passes this year.

  14. Letting Musgrave walk & keeping Norton had me scratching my head.Carr needs to step up ! You got the money play like it!

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