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Reports Say Marshawn Lynch Not Responding To Calls From Raiders

UPDATE: Original post indicated “teammates” attempting to reach Lynch and has been corrected to “personnel staff” as was initially reported.


If reports are accurate, Marshawn Lynch may soon be a former Raiders running back.

According to Scott Winter of the Las Vegas Raiders Report, Lynch was a no-show at his scheduled meeting with Jon Gruden and the head coach’s patience is “running thin” with the soon-to-be 32 year-old running back.

Lynch has reportedly been ignoring attempts by coaches and personnel staff to reach him, as well.

And so begins the next chapter of ‘Beast Mode’ in Oakland – a story that from a football standpoint, may soon be wrapping up.

For what it’s worth, both Winter and Arrigo have been spot on with reports involving the Raiders in the past. Their information wouldn’t be passed along on here if it wasn’t.

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  1. Mike says:

    F this guy! He was CLEARLY the locker room cancer and now everyone knows it. Yeah, he put up pretty solid numbers, but he’s a douche and a ‘me first’ dude when it comes to football. Selfish prick!

  2. Reed Hemish says:


  3. Kevin says:

    He reminded me of Mark van Eeghan last year. Slow and plodding. I’m ready for them to draft someone early with some giddy-up

    • Your Mom says:

      MVE was the man. Buzz off.

      • Tommy says:

        It’s pretty simple he’s gonna continue to do whatever he wants when he wants, I mean Gruden is not like Del Rio he’s not gonna take this lightly, and I’m very surprised he’s not gone already, and why do we draft guys like running back hood & not even give him a few snaps when we were out of contention last season, I mean he could be a very good power runner for us, maybe the new coaches will give him a shot, he could replace Lynch easily but he needs snaps,

  4. Wes says:

    His agent came out and said bullshit not true just click bait it’s the off-season stop it please

  5. BBB says:

    Good to see Trash Mode being the typical terrible person, fake as ever. Get this guy the f out of our locker room, he has done nothing but divide.

  6. Aaron Mitchell says:

    Man. The o.c. sucked, he didn’t run shit, he ran some garbage plays, never set up the power running game, play calling really sucked. Marshawn should have had 18 tds this year, but the receiving crew fucked off to many drives. Plus he was 3rd or 4th in rushing TD’s.

  7. Michael Garrett says:

    For the money they would be paying this up coming season, the Raiders could draft 2 young backs with much more explosiveness & better receivers out of the backfield on 1st & 2nd downs. Time to say goodbye to selfish mode!!

  8. Adolph CAstaneda says:

    Lynch did not make an impact on the Raiders this last season, and by not responding to calla from HIs coaches and team mates he is not showing to be a team player. if he wants to be his own man he is in the wrong sport. maybe he should take up Tennis.

  9. Paul says:

    Everyone is quick to dismiss beast mode in Oakland but no one really knows what is going on. The media has to have something to keep everyone interested. Lynch might have a good reason why he missed the meeting. Let the coaches handle it and let’s see what next year brings. If we cut everyone that something bad was said about we would have 0 players. They even talked bad about Mack last off-season

  10. Alex Marron says:

    TAKE THE ARTICLE DOWN….Stephen Michaels, Vic Tafur, Scott Bair and Adam Schefter just said on radio the story was untrue, Lynch was going to meet this yesterday but they rescheduled it, this is exactly what Michaels said this morning. These people ARE FRAUDS…

  11. James wiseman says:

    All u guys are football players right?oh wait not lmao u guys assuming u no what that mean#raidernation#RN4L

  12. Eric Hargrave says:

    Majority of you weirdos talking s**t about Lynch were hugging his nuts when Oakland signed him last season. How bout wait for the facts before you run your mouth.

  13. Zoom Dog says:

    “Beast But Head” is a major distraction. “He’s not returning calls”, “they rescheduled it”, blah, blah, blah. Who gives a rats ass, about what this dysfunctional excrement is going to do. Lets move on people.

  14. He’s a ignant biatch

  15. Tee says:

    People in here talkin big shit….would love to see what comes out of these mouths if they were in the same room with the person they are disrespecting😂

  16. Allan Hutchen says:

    If any of this is true , we needn’t fret because Gruden will send him packing . I’m not going to speculate on if it’s true or not .
    If it is he’s as good as gone . If it isn’t , he may not be back anyway .

  17. Danny says:

    I felt Lynch ran his a$$ off second half of the season. But, he tends to be aloof most of the time because he likes to have fun. In football it’s a short season so guys need to focus. But, people don’t know if this is true. Media is worst part of our society these days. That’s because wverything is instant and if you dont have new info you get bored. So, they make crap up. Now, media is going to go to Marshawn and say “Raider fans are calling you a cancer and other names what do you think”. It’s a game. Best to just sit back and watch the show. Lynch could be effective again next year cause he runs with a purpose. If they can reign in that clownin around side of Lynch it could work. That being said, I think he’ll retire again. I don’t think he’ll want to answer to the demands of Gruden.

  18. Craig says:

    I must admit I was a huge fan of signing Lynch last year. But hindsight, it appears he never cared about helping the team win or fitting in.


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