Richie Incognito: There is “No Way Derek Carr is Going Anywhere”

In case you missed it, Raiders offensive guard Richie Incognito made an appearance this week on the Raider Cody Podcast and he weighed in on a lot about his team and his teammates… as well as his current bench press.

He also addressed the status of Derek Carr, who is once again at the center of offseason rumors.

“Coach Gruden has an extensive offense and that’s an understatement. Derek runs that offense like coach Gruden was out there on the field,” Incognito said of Carr. “Tough situations, fourth-quarter comebacks, the guy is out there just chucking the ball around the field. Two-minute drills is where he excels. Facing the pressure he knows where to get the ball.”

“Let’s be honest,” Incognito continued. “We didn’t have a ton of speed, a ton of star power out there at the wide receiver, for reasons out of our control… We have tremendous confidence in Derek Carr. The way he runs coaches offense, the way he gets us in the right plays, the way he chuck that ball around, distributes the ball. We have a ton of confidence in him and there’s no way he’s going anywhere. He’s coming to Vegas.”

Incognito obviously won’t decide what the Raiders will do with Carr, but his opinion seems to be on par with the majority of reports of late. It’s starting to feel like Carr isn’t going anywhere… again.

Oh, and Incognito’s bench press? It’s apparently a meager 500 pounds… or the human equivalent of about two and a half Mark Davises.

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5 thoughts on “Richie Incognito: There is “No Way Derek Carr is Going Anywhere”

  1. That’s Right!!! To all the Dummies trying to cause Drama with Carr. He’s a top 10 QB and works as hard as Rich Gannon did… Gruden isn’t stupid. Carr is the Man !!!

  2. I agree with his assessment of Carr’s status and I think Raider fans that know football will absolutely agree.I would like to say to Mr Incognito “Thank you”for becoming a Raider!

  3. Why do the raiders players say carr is great and yadda yadda ya….but 75 % (if not more) of raider nation who watch the game live…see that Carr isn’t the raiders answer?

    Pro vs Joe…I know…. and fans are not in the locker room or know what’s going on…but

    From my couch with my Coors light in hand and pizza on the coffee table I watch the raiders game and see that #4 is scared to get hit so he throws the ball before the play devolps.

    The reason he has do many check downs is he is scared to get hurt. Broken leg, broken back, broken brother.

    Derrek’s problem is mental not physical. He saw first hand his brother get used as a crash test dummy with the texans and then they snapped his leg in the Indy game in 2016 and he devolped PTSD and has never been the same guy.

    Cut bait and move on from #4 is this couch potato’s opinion.

  4. Dam right Carr ain’t going no where period….he to good to let him walk.. especially with out any number 1 wide out…and still threw for 4000 yards

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