Roethlisberger Says He Wishes He Hadn’t Publicity Criticized Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown’s divorce from the Steelers was arguably the biggest story of the 2019 offseason.

After publicly criticizing Brown for a route he ran in a 24-17 loss to the Broncos in November, Ben Roethlisberger and his All-Pro receiver were essentially at odds for the remainder of the season – and it was clear from the start that Roethlisberger had the full support of the organization.

Asked by NBC’s Michele Tafoya if he regrets the way he criticized Brown, Roethlisberger took some responsibility, but still seemed to place most of the blame on Brown.

“Yeah, I wish I wouldn’t have done it,” Roethlisberger told Tafoya in a clip that aired on Sunday Night Football.

“Because obviously we saw what happened and obviously it ruined a friendship, obviously just got caught up in the heat of the battle. But the other person I challenged that game was James Washington and I know people made a big deal about that, but James Washington texted me, called me and talked to me in person, thanking me for that.”

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Our @Michele_Tafoya sat down with @steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger as he prepares to start his 16th NFL season.

Certainly, Brown still has issues with his former quarterback, but the most important detail going forward (for Raider fans, at least) has more to do with Derek Carr. How will Brown respond to Carr’s style of leadership and is the potential there for another ugly breakup in Oakland/Vegas?

So far, Brown at least deserves the benefit of the doubt. He has already been called out by Raiders general manager Mike Mayock over the helmet debacle and AB’s response was far from confrontational.

It was a gutsy maneuver by Mayock to handle Brown’s absence the way he did and for now at least, it looks like the organization and Carr have enough of Brown’s respect to be able to navigate some of the drama that can come with AB.

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