Rosenhaus: Difficult For Antonio Brown To Practice In Equipment He Has Never Used Before

Antonio Brown’s agent obviously got the Raiders message on Sunday night. Since general manager Mike Mayock’s stern public message to AB, Drew Rosenhaus has publicly spoken twice on the matter, including a segment on ESPN this morning.”

This is what Rosenhaus told ESPN’s Mike Greenberg:

I do think he’s going to be back soon. We’re looking into any and all options right now to resolve the helmet issue. Antonio is very genuine. He wants to be there. He wants to be a part of the team. He wants to practice, but he’s also like like to do it with the helmet that he has worn his entire life.

He wore this helmet in pee wee football, high school football, college at Central Michigan, and he also wore this helmet his nine-year career. People keep saying to me there are 2,000 players who are wearing approved helmets, but there are very, if any, that have worn the same helmet their entire nine year career…

… we’re just trying to find a way to work it out. We’ve worked very closely with the Raiders, we’ve worked very closely with the NFL, but I hope people can appreciate this is not a simple issue. The helmet is the most important piece of equipment and he’s had the same one every single snap he’s played in his football career. This is a major issue for him…

… I talked to Mike [Mayock] multiple times yesterday. We are on the same page. We are working together. We understand the club’s frustration. We understand that they want Antonio back. We get all of that. Everyone please understand that he wants to be there. It is difficult for him to practice, take hits, whatever, with a piece of equipment he’s never used before.”

Applying a little common sense, it’s safe to say now that Brown’s helmet probably had a lot to do with his recent 10-day absence from the team that Rosenhaus credited to foot treatments. At the very least, it’s clear that as of Sunday AB wasn’t willing to practice in a new helmet.

We’ll see if that position changes when the league denies Brown’s most recent submission of his preferred helmet.

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2 thoughts on “Rosenhaus: Difficult For Antonio Brown To Practice In Equipment He Has Never Used Before

  1. 2 me it is more of the same stuff as last year when Gruden was lying 2 everyone n fans bout everything. Here we r again getting false info n left in limbo while Raider fans r left in dark, told lies, n basically ignored. Listen NFL TEAMS – without fans u have nothing no tv contracts, no millions n billions n no opportunity 2 deceive anyone so stop the bs everyone NFL, OWNERS N PLAYERS n show respect 2 the people that make this all possible THE FANS

  2. Get the f over it. This does not bode well for him, things change and the change was made to protect the players. Just perpetuates the me me me only stereotype. Mayock is right all in or all the f out.

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