Schefter: Raiders Not The Team Most Likely To Land Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown won’t be playing for the Steelers next year and while the Raiders have been the team most frequently linked to a trade for Brown, ESPN’s Adam Schefter doesn’t see Oakland as the team to beat.

I think [the Raiders] are in, but I don’t view them as the favorite,” Schefter told Adam Schein on Thursday’s Mad Dog Sports Radio. “I think we’ve learned in situations like this that [the Raiders] are a little bit unpredictable, and I think oftentimes we hear that there is a favorite that sometimes those things don’t materialize. I’m not telling you that Oakland is out because I think they have been in the thick of these discussions all along, but I am saying I don’t view them as the favorite right now.”

Schefter added that he expects Brown to ultimately be traded for a second-round pick, but that the pick may end up being at the bottom of the second round. With the use of a little deductive reasoning, that would mean that the Raiders, so far at least, haven’t offered a second-round pick for Brown.

So if not the Raiders, who is the favorite to trade for Brown? The Saints, Titans, Redskins, Cardinals, and Broncos have all been linked to a trade with Pittsburgh, but the combination of Brown’s antics and the money tied to his contract seem to be scaring teams away from making a significant investment in the disgruntled wide receiver.

As for the Raiders, will they eventually raise their offer to a second-round pick? Based on Schefter’s comments, the 35th overall pick would probably be enough to get the Steelers to bite on a deal. If not, maybe they can still reach a deal using their third-round pick and another pick later in the draft?

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  1. If the Raiders really wanted Brown, they would already have him, nobody has the capital the Raiders currently have.

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