Should the Raiders Jump Into the Bidding For Jadeveon Clowney?

The Raiders reportedly had some level of trade interest in Jacksonville DE Yannick Ngakoue prior to the draft, but the Jaguars asking price apparently wasn’t close to what the Raiders were willing to offer.

And that begs the question…

If Jon Gruden and the gang were willing to offer Ngakoue a new deal, why wouldn’t they do the same for Jadeveon Clowney?

Clowney is a free agent, so he wouldn’t cost the Raiders a draft pick. His price tag would be somewhere in the ballpark of what Ngakoue is asking and, in theory, the Raiders would be getting one of the better defensive ends in the league.

The Raiders have three solid defensive ends in Maxx Crosby, Clelin Ferrell, and Carl Nassib, but there is no such thing as having too many pass rushers – especially with Patrick Mahomes in the division.

There haven’t been any reports linking the Raiders to Clowney, but the longer his free agency drags out, it’s always a possibility Gruden will decide he needs another pass rusher. If that were to happen, why not throw some of that Vegas cash at the 2014 no. 1 overall pick?

Clowney is still only 27 and a two-year deal would give him an opportunity to cash in on another big deal before turning 30.

Other than a little wasted cash (ok, a lot actually), what’s the worst that can happen?

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22 thoughts on “Should the Raiders Jump Into the Bidding For Jadeveon Clowney?

  1. Nah, he isn’t the same mentality as the currrnt roster. Clowney is all about Clowney. Seahawks would have signed him already but he’s wanting more than he’s worth. Pass.

  2. Clowney isn’t raiders material. Maybe the New Jersey Giants will sign him.

  3. i dont want clowney to much money invested i would rather have a good running back to back up jacobs if there is one out there

  4. To really really be a contender. You have to have a serious pass rush period !!!!…..Get Him Now!!!!….

  5. One, Clowney is not worth the money; two, we don’t have the money under the cap.

  6. Its his attitude/work ethic if he becomes a distraction he would not be worth it.

  7. Why not Clowney??? He’s a Clown!!! Only Plays about 1 in 4 plays when on the Field. Nobody takes more “rest” time

  8. Either the Raiders have some issue with Clowney’s personality traits or don’t value him as an addition worth the money. Otherwise, there is no reason not to jump on this horse. Clowney seems like he would add alot to their pass rush and keep all of them fresh. Pass rush pressure will result in more turnovers.


  10. Nay I’d say but what do I know?,who we have is pretty dang good and getting better. Lotta money for a player maybe on the downside of his career but like I said”what do I know?”

  11. Mayock please jump on adding Clowney! I know you guys have your own game plan. But this guy is young,strong and can perform and wrecc an offense. Perfect! To combat Mahomes! Since our last year first rounder edge did not perform has productive has expected, I think Clowney would a great addition to help teach these young edge how the “D” game is played. It might cost some, but what’s money when you looking at a TROPHY! And to Gruden sorry but I don’t believe in Paul Gunther! Love the guy but don’t believe in him to pull that “D” loccer together righteously!

  12. Why do you want a bad attitude on the raiders? Plus he has injuries and he appears to be the type of guy who doesn’t give it all unless he feels like it.

  13. It may be just a case of Gruden not liking the way he plays. I would love for Clowney to join the team. I think he would come on with it to the team that passed on him in the draft for Mack.

  14. Hell no we have Ferrill & Crosby both should have double digit sacks this year

  15. Hell no we have Ferrill & Crosby both should have double digit sacks this year

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