Should The Raiders Move Cordarrelle Patterson To Running Back?

When the Raiders added Cordarrelle Patterson, they knew they were getting one of the league’s dynamic playmakers.

But similarly to what the Vikings learned in his first four years, the Raiders are finding Patterson doesn’t tend to thrive in a conventional receiver role.

He has the size and speed to be a prototype wide receiver, but somehow Patterson is averaging only 9.5 yards per reception over his five-year career. This season with the Raiders, Patterson is averaging an anemic 4.9 yards per reception and was on the field for only six offensive snaps against the Dolphins on Sunday – a season low for him.

So why not get creative (but not complicated) and simply move Patterson to running back?

Patterson has carried the football 41 times in his NFL career. He has scored on six of those carries and averages more than 11 yards per run in his career (and a whopping 12.4 YPC with the Raiders).

Patterson has already scored twice on 10 carries with the Raiders and continues to struggle in a conventional receiver role.

For his career, Patterson has 146 receptions and a proportionately modest seven career receiving touchdowns. Defenses just don’t have to concern themselves with him downfield as a receiver.

The Raiders have Patterson under contract through next season so there’s time to crack the code, but rather adding gimmick plays, why not focus on putting the ball directly in his belly?

There’s not a need at running back in Oakland, but there’s also not a running back on the roster averaging double-digit yards per carry. If nothing else, maybe just give CP a few more opportunities to get his average down below the Tecmo-level rushing numbers he’s averaging right now.

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7 thoughts on “Should The Raiders Move Cordarrelle Patterson To Running Back?

  1. When you run 5 yard routes all the time what do you expect. Give him a chance to succeed down field or fail I have seen tape of him making plays down field.

    1. Yep throw the ball down to him 30 yards down the field but the small DB tried to play him they can’t

  2. 100% they should. He’s extremely explosive with taking it to the House ability and is not shy on contact. He’s never been a great route runner or blessed with nice hands for whatever reason. I’m glad this is brought up because I️ think it would resaurrect his career

  3. How bout utilizing his speed and have him just go deep to take the top of defenses. Don’t understand why we don’t capitalize on Patterson strengths

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