Since they did it with Vontaze Burfict, maybe the NFL will punish Linval Joseph for his illegal hit on Derek Carr

If there was ever any doubt, the league confirmed on Friday that they are essentially on a mission to keep Vontaze Burfict from playing football for as long as possible.

Earlier this week, Burfict was slapped with a season-long suspension that he will appeal next week, but in the meantime, the league was combing through film and say they have found another illegal hit from Burfict in the Colts game. It was a hit that wasn’t called during the game, nor did it get any attention from the television broadcast crew. But the league is adding the play, which they conveniently haven’t specifically identified, to their case against Burfict.

The NFL is essentially targeting him now.

So since the new standard is to review film and uncover illegal hits from players, will the league go back a couple weeks and address an equally dangerous hit to the head and neck that Derek Carr took in Minnesota?

As a quarterback, the league has made its mission to protect quarterbacks, but look at the blow Carr took that wasn’t called on the field or apparently reviewed during the week.

Vikings DT Linval Joseph wasn’t flagged and he wasn’t fined. What do you imagine the punishment would be if Burfict hit a quarterback like this?

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@nflcommish how about a review and fine for this illegal hit on Derek Carr?

Remember, the Burfict hit, which was worthy of a penalty, came on a tight end who was trying to get up and happened to lose his footing. A penalty made sense, but an ejection and season-long suspension was over the top, especially considering everything else the league has chosen to ignore each week.

But everyone knows the NFL isn’t targeting Joseph. So move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

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6 thoughts on “Since they did it with Vontaze Burfict, maybe the NFL will punish Linval Joseph for his illegal hit on Derek Carr

  1. Seeing the play of the hit on Carr, if you look closely #61 of the raiders pushed Joseph in the back as he was approaching and the push seems to launch Joseph into Carr. That may ne why the league dismissed it..just an observation.

  2. And thats that bullshhht. They have always hated the raiders. They routinely give them the toughest schedule and mess with players on the team. Aldon Smith wtf???? They invent calls to help other teams beat them..tuck rule anyone? So yeah nothing to see here but the nfl’s bullshht doible standard.

    1. Guess they should start to impeach some gold jackets. I guess we could start with Dick Butkiss, Jack Almbert and on and on … This league sucks!!! Lawyers more worried about liability., disgusting! Not to mention, the still hatred for the late, great Al Davis!

  3. Not a chance. The NFL is as corrupt as DC. The league is garbage! If you play for the silver and black you have a target on your back. That’ll never change until the Davis family has nothing to do with the team.

  4. Long time Raiders fan since 1965. Reputations proceed us and Burflict has his to manage. With that, he deserves what the league passed down. At the same time, the league can not go on individual which hunts; but rather be very forthright and consistent with their mission.

  5. Cheap shots. Remember -Burfuct haS A HISTORY of cheap shots. Read the article suggesting he use some of his violence in the ring.

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