Sounds Like Nick Bosa And Two Other Defenders Atop The Raiders Draft Board

The NFL draft is less than a month away and one of the newest names being linked to the Raiders with the fourth pick is former LSU linebacker Devin White. Bleacher Report draft analyst Matt Miller talked about the Raiders interest on Wednesday after giving White to the Raiders in his most recent mock draft.

“I think the Raiders are the most interesting team [in the draft],” Miller said on BR’s Stick to Football podcast. “Not just because they have three picks in the first round, or four in the top 35. One thing that I heard as soon as that mock draft came out, this is kind of how the world works, I’ll put a mock draft out and then contacts from around the NFL will start texting me. Like ‘hey, this won’t happen’ or ‘I really like this pick’ or ‘why are  you hearing this,’ just a lot of back and forth. And d— near immediately I was getting texts of ‘hey, the Raiders really, really like Devin White, but if Quinnen Williams is there, they’re going to have to have a really, really long conversation about that because there is still a belief by some teams that Quinnen Williams is the best player in this draft.'”

Miller’s co-host, Connor Rogers, also floated a rumor he is hearing is that teams are considering trading ahead of the Raiders to secure a top defensive player.

“Something else I’ve heard,” Rogers added, “is that multiple teams are kind of mulling if they should jump Oakland to solidify that they’ll get a premier defensive player. Because the thought is that Oakland and Tampa will go back to back and basically out of the top five you can miss the chance of getting one of these premier defensive talents and those guys are Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, and Devin White.”

Obviously, with the draft still a month away, the NFL is entering it’s peak in terms of lies about prospects, but these theories both make sense. The Raiders need significant help on defense and the addition of Williams or White both pass the eye test… unlike this gem that Miller passed along years ago. Which, by the way, remains one of the all-timers.

Still the undisputed, unparalleled champion of ridiculous pre-draft smoke…

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5 thoughts on “Sounds Like Nick Bosa And Two Other Defenders Atop The Raiders Draft Board

  1. Arizona will take Kyler Murray……..I guarantee it.
    It’ll be Josh Allen or Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams. We’d be fools not to take one of those.

  2. Nick Bosa won’t be there by 4th pick, but Raiders have still good picks with either QW or JA we need our D to get better.

  3. I think they should take Devin White with the 4th pick… no MLB taken high in drafts are usually impact players from day 1… Check cowboys and Colts… better D with mlb play…

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