Sounds Like Raiders View 1st-Round Pick Kolton Miller Exclusively As A Left Tackle

When the Raiders drafted Kolton Miller in the first round, the assumption (from the outside at least) was that he would compete at left tackle with Donald Penn, but if Penn won the job, Miller would probably slide over to right tackle for a year.

After all, the Raiders would have some serious egg on their face if their first-round pick didn’t start, right?

Well, based on what The Athletic’s Vic Tafur seems to be suggesting, Miller’s options in his rookie year might be to either start at left tackle or take a year to function as a backup.

Via The Athletic’s State of the Nation Podcast, this is what Tafur said about Miller’s status as a rookie and how he thinks the process may play out.

“I still think Miller is going to have a hard time beating out Donald Penn. I know people think I’m in Donald Penn’s fan club, but I think Penn is motivated. I think he knows everything, knows the offense well. It’s a lot to protect Derek Carr, it’s a big investment to protect. I’m not sure you want to put a left tackle out there that’s not totally ready. I think Kolton Miller is going to take a little while. I think he’s a little more unpolished than some people thought he was coming out. I think he’s going to need more time.”

Miller has worked exclusively at left tackle with the Raiders and Tafur believes third-round pick Brandon Parker (who has been working exclusively on the right side) has the early edge to start at right tackle.

If it really is left tackle or nothing for Miller, the good news is he won’t have to bounce back and forth learning technique for two positions.

In the long run, if the Raiders want Miller to be their franchise left tackle, the best path is probably to let him focus on one position.

But if Penn wins the job and the Raiders first-round pick spends 2018 as a backup, you can imagine what the talking heads will be saying.

Not that Gruden cares.

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10 thoughts on “Sounds Like Raiders View 1st-Round Pick Kolton Miller Exclusively As A Left Tackle

  1. That’s why you draft your tackles early. They take more time to develope then other positions.
    Giving Miller a year learning from Penn before you throw him in the fire. Totally agreed.

  2. Starting two rookie OT is not ideal. I do hope Penn will be back, healthy and effective.

    We will get a good look at both rookie OT in the preseason.

  3. Who cares if he sits behind Penn… let him learn and watch until he can take over.. if Penn gets hurt or stumbles, Miller can slide right in…

  4. Him riding the pine between a real true solid left tackle would be just fine and no one cares what the haters say we’re the most hated team in the world in the nation still rolls on

    1. There are other tackles that wore drafted last year so there will be competition hopefully

  5. It will be the best case scenario if Miller sits for a year and is given the time to develop he needs. Miller was an underclassman drafted in the first round. I have said this all along, Miller is not ready to play in the NFL as of yet. I did not mind the Raiders taking Miller in the first or Parker in the third, but they need development, this is a fact. Who cares what other people say, it is about protecting Carr and giving him time. If you watch the tape on both Miller and Parker, they play to upright, very little bend, very teachable to correct. It will take some time, but would be best is if both Miller and Parker are back ups and Penn starts at left tackle and I would like to see Sharpe start at right tackle. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but if Miller or Parker go into the season as a starter, both the Raiders and Carr will have huge problems.

  6. I’m thinking that, part of “taking the game back to ’98” , means letting draft picks develop and play when they’re ready. 1-2 round picks weren’t always assumed starters.

    As the salary cap inflated, so did rookie contracts. Now, with the rookie cap set in place, you aren’t starting a guy because of their impact on the salary cap.

    Miller is a LT and should hone that skillset. If Penn is back healthy, he should be able to hold it down just fine. Penn is a fighter and won’t give up that spot easily, so either way an above average LT is who I expect to be starting, barring injury.

  7. Unfortunately this was a weak class for OTs. The whiners took our pick! SMH I don’t know him personally, but compared to McGlinchey, Kolton seems like a baby… I hope Penn is ready to start week 1!

  8. I think the priority for Gruden has always been.. REAL competition.. and drafting 2 tackles the way he did.. sent a message to Penn
    1. Focus on your job and not this kneeling garbage
    2. Earn your $8m in 2018
    3. Keep yourself healthy and on the field
    4. Keep your QB upright, and make holes for the backs

    Gruden knows the BeeEss associated with
    the media.. and has used them pretty well.

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