Sounds Like the Raiders May Have to Wait a While Longer to get Richie Incognito Back

One of the last questions Jon Gruden answered as Raiders’ head coach was one on injured guard Richie Incognito.

At the time, Gruden insinuated that he was hopeful Incognito might return after the week 8 bye. But by the sound of a Sports Illustrated column on Friday, Incognito might not be returning quite so soon.

Asked if he thought Incognito would be back in the lineup after the bye, Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter seemed particularly pessimistic.

“I do not see that at all,” Carpenter said. “They are hoping this year.”

It’s hard to interpret “hoping this year” as anything other than “there is a chance Incognito won’t return this year.” Given the disappointing injury (seemingly a little similar to this year’s injury) that ended his season a year ago, it’s fair to be a little skeptical about Incognito’s chances of returning to full strength this year.

With that being the case, however… the Raiders could really use him back.

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14 thoughts on “Sounds Like the Raiders May Have to Wait a While Longer to get Richie Incognito Back

  1. Ritchie’s was a stalwart when he joined the ranks of the Raider Nation in 2019, but his injuries these past 2 seasons, he’s 38 and an offensive linemen drafted in 2005 you’d have to think he might not make it back, but there’s always hope because he’s fought back from adversity before and proven himself!

  2. Just release him and move on. Let the younger guys get experience or bring in healthy veteran who’s not injury prone. We appreciate what Incognito did while he played, and was able to play, but this has gotten ridiculous…

  3. Ritchie is a leader, plays like a beast and I would take my chances on his comeback this season. The young line can learn from him either way as they get stronger week after week. Hopefully he’ll be back for playoffs!! #keepritchie

    1. I like Richie because if we all remember without him Kolton would be where he is now. He is a motivator and he isn’t expensive so keeping him on IR no biggie at this point.

  4. R.I. has shown he can step in off the street and still play at an all pro level. He’s done it a couple of times now. His contract is reasonable. If there is a chance he can comeback at some point this season and provide a boost to this offensive line, while hopefully making a playoff run I vote to keep him. The o-line is the biggest weakness of the Raiders at this time and it has become increasingly clear they are not trading or going after anyone to fix it. What else can we do but hope for he gets healthy and comes back to playing at a high level at the end of the year.

  5. Get rid of this old, Buffalo Bill’s reject. He’s been sitting on the bench for over two years now, getting paid for doing nothing. Enough already. Spend the money more wisely!

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