Sports Illustrated Insider Declared on Wednesday That Josh McDaniels “Knows How To Get The Most From A Quarterback”

Sometimes the NFL news cycle can feel like a Saturday Night Live skit playing out in the real time.

Blue checks and lengthy bios are all over the NFL media landscape, but every league media type is fed information from somewhere and as a general rule, media personalities tend to protect their sources.

Sometimes that dynamic can lead those aforementioned media types to make ridiculous statements that defy conventional wisdom and understanding. Such was the case this week when Sports Illustrated insider, Albert Breer, announced that anyone who isn’t able to see that Josh McDaniels knows how to coach quarterbacks is “blind.”

“The Bills should call Josh McDaniels about coming in (or working remotely) as a consultant for the rest of the year,” Breer posted on Twitter on Wednesday. “McDaniels and Brian Daboll coached together going all the way back to the ’90s at Michigan State. And Josh knows how to get the most from a QB.”

Obviously, that statement drew a response from reasonably-minded football fans across the country and Breer responded with a barrage of McDaniels’ quarterback accomplishments…

“[Josh] developed Matt Cassel, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Jacoby Brissett, and all three became starters,” he said. “Got, by far, the best year out of Mac Jones’ three as a pro. It didn’t work out as a HC. But if you don’t think Josh McDaniels can coach quarterbacks, you’re blind.”

There might be benefits to having McDaniels on a coaching staff, but good quarterback play definitely isn’t one of them. Every Raiders fan and every Broncos fan can attest to that. Rams fans also got the McDaniels experience in 2011, when he coordinated for them one of the worst offenses in the league.

In light of what McDaniels was able to achieve with Derek Carr and Garoppolo in Las Vegas, it’s fair to assume now that most quarterbacks who worked with McDaniels found success despite working with him.

And in a related note… Remember, it was Breer who said McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler misjudged the talent on the roster when they signed up for the Raiders a year ago.

Another ridiculous narrative that Antonio Pierce has since proven to be fake news.

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10 thoughts on “Sports Illustrated Insider Declared on Wednesday That Josh McDaniels “Knows How To Get The Most From A Quarterback”

  1. Does Albert Breer owe Josh McDaniels money or a kidney or something like that?

    Tell ya’ what Albert, go buy a team and then YOU hire him if you’re that sure.
    Perception is power and at this point, particularly in Denver and Las Vegas, I’d wager everyone else has seen enough.

  2. Does Albert Breer get Paid? No wonder Sports Illustrated is basically non existent these days. If he is an “insider” it is Only because he has been locked in the bathroom at SI headquarters and no one has missed him…

  3. Sports illustrated you tell a dam lie u are full of **** Josh McDaniel is a fucking bomb that got exposed so stop the bullshit trying to hype him up so he can get another job 🖕him💯

  4. Gets the most WHAT? Frustration? Bad performances? The joy of being thrown under the bus by your coach? The most blame put on the QB for bad work on the part of the HC? Yeah, sure.

  5. Obviously you could tell from the way he affected quarterbacks when he was a head coach how good he is with quarterbacks lololol

  6. I would like Albert to give me advice on who to pick in Fantasy Football next year. His advice will help me to determine who NOT to take.

  7. Some of this guys articles are well thought out and leave the reader with the impression that the writer has a brain. These comments made by this guy call all of that into question and makes him seem like a clueless arsehole

  8. Being a Denver Broncos fan, I can’t even understand why the Raiders even hired Josh McDaniels. He screwed Denver and then Las Vegas, guys a huge Turd at coaching.

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