Tafur: At Some Point, I Think A Deal Between The Raiders And Khalil Mack Will Get Done

The bad news seems to be coming from every direction regarding Khalil Mack’s contract negotiations, but one of the few media personalities who keeps suggesting that things aren’t that bad between the Raiders and Mack has been The Athletic’s Vic Tafur.

Tafur talked on his Thursday podcast about the Mack situation and said he still believes a deal will eventually get done.

“I think Reggie [McKenzie] has a firm grasp on things,” Tafur said on The Athletic’s State of the Nation podcast. “He has turned the salary cap around over the years. I think he knows what numbers they can work with. Derek Carr makes $125 million, you can’t just give Khalil Mack a blank check and say ‘Here, how much do you want?’ It just doesn’t work that way and it sucks for Khalil that he wasn’t first, I’m sure in the back of his mind that’s not a great thought. But you got to make it work. These two guys are their centerpieces and at some point I think it’ll get done.”

Even though negotiations haven’t gone great to this point, all will be forgiven if the Raiders and Mack can eventually strike a deal. The question is, will it happen this season or will the talks carry over into next year?

Right now, it seems like next summer is looking more and more like the timeframe for a deal to happen. Things can come together quickly, but until Aaron Donald signs, it doesn’t seem like the Raiders are wanting to dive into another record-breaking contract. Technically, the team has time to figure things out because Mack is under contract for another year and the franchise tag could keep Mack in silver and black for another two years after that.

For what it’s worth, if Donald does sign soon, there won’t be nearly as much for the Raiders and Mack to negotiate. Mack’s market value will essentially be set.

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  1. I just happy that finally a local has tried to put out the fire that them haters set. Freakin instigating Chihuahuas. Mack + Raiders 4 ever.

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