Tafur: Raiders Trade Interest in Jalen Ramsey “Still Bears Watching”

The Raiders still have about three weeks to consider more trades before the deadline, but after adding Trevor Davis and Zay Jones, it would be a surprise to see Jon Gruden go after another wide receiver.

A.J. Green is the receiver that would have looked good in Oakland but he apparently isn’t available, and Stefon Diggs will probably cost too much.  Fortunately, the Raiders have more needs and could stand to improve on a few other position groups.

One big name still teetering on the trade market that could end up enticing Gruden to part with a couple high picks is Jalen Ramsey. The Jaguars have been trying everything to convince Ramsey to want to stay in Jacksonville, but it’s starting to feel like he won’t be easily persuaded. If the Jaguars change their plan on Ramsey and decide to trade him, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur thinks the Raiders will be a team to watch.

“The Raiders definitely made some calls,” Tafur said Thursday on The State of the Nation podcast.   “I think if [the Raiders] were going to make a move and trade some more picks, [Ramsey] would be the guy. So I think [Ramsey] still bears watching.”

The last anyone reported on trade offers for Ramsey, the Jaguars had turned down a pair of first-round picks from a Super Bowl contender. It’s worth noting that since that report (about two weeks ago), the Raiders have won a couple games of their own and their first-round pick in 2020 might not be considered quite as valuable at the moment.

Now that Bears pick on the other hand…

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