The Raiders’ Defense Looks Better, But Should Paul Guenther Be Off The Hot Seat?

After three straight wins for the Raiders, is it time to start having confidence in Paul Guenther again?

Some are calling for critics to start singing Guenther’s praises.

But is it a little early for talk like that?

During the Raiders three-game winning streak, it’s worth noting that Guenther’s defense has faced a rookie quarterback, an average quarterback in an arctic hurricane, and the worst quarterback in the AFC behind a depleted offensive line.

Not to take away from the defense’s improved efforts against the Browns, Chargers, and Broncos, but if Guenther’s group has really turned the corner, the true test will come in next two weeks when they face above-average offenses from the Chiefs and Falcons.

Guenther gets somewhat of a mulligan against the Chiefs this week (on account of so many players being held of practice), but if the defense plays with competence this week and/or next week… by all means it will be time to start buying stock in Paul Guenther again.

But not a moment sooner.

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10 thoughts on “The Raiders’ Defense Looks Better, But Should Paul Guenther Be Off The Hot Seat?

  1. For starters, the NFL has once again mistaken us for the defending super bowl champions with another brutal schedule. Factor in the injuries and the pandemic and you have the perfect recipe for defensive mediocrity. Moreover, despite all the excuses we could be using Gruden and company have not pissed and moaned about any of it. I think that you are seeing an underachieving defense that is beginning to gel. No, I wouldn’t close the book on Gunther just yet… the best just may be yet to come.

  2. This the time for Las Vegas Raiders needs this win in order to have a chance to beat the
    Champion Chiefs at the Las Vegas Arena and they can play RAIDER Football. Just don’t play soft defense and play good offensive game plan. Your my team for life. So win win win Las Vegas Raiders. and show me and your fans that you can compete against teams. LET’S GO RAIDERS. No costly turnover by beating yourselves.

  3. IAM not sold on Paul at all gruden had to step in to make this defense play better we have a big game this week if he can hold chief then maybe we can give some slack but not alot cause if he should have figured it out him slef not taking the the Head coach to do his job too…but all I care about is getting that W…GO SILVER AND BLACK

  4. We need a fricken pass rush mad max cannot do it all by himself Cmon man get some help for goodness sake

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