There is Only One Explanation to Why the Raiders Haven’t Hired Antonio Pierce Yet

Every indication is that Raiders owner Mark Davis is planning to hire Antonio Pierce to be the team’s next head coach.

Every indication except one, that is, because it still hasn’t happened.

As long as Pierce isn’t announced as the head coach of the Raiders, there is a chance that it isn’t going to happen. And if it hasn’t happened yet, the only explanation is that Davis hasn’t made up his mind.

It has been rumored that the Raiders, by means of Tom Brady, still have interest in former Titans coach Mike Vrabel. It is also rumored that Pierce is not at the top Brady’s list.

As far as it has been reported, Brady has not been in attendance for any interviews, but it’s no secret that he is one of the most influential voices in the owner’s ear.

It could work out that Pierce will be hired soon, but until it happens we can only assume that Davis still isn’t convinced that Pierce and Champ Kelly are the best candidates for their respective jobs.

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40 thoughts on “There is Only One Explanation to Why the Raiders Haven’t Hired Antonio Pierce Yet

  1. Tell Brady to get out of here, go back to New England. The rest of the NFL owners still haven’t approved his buying into the Raiders. Go be the TV announcer. Leave the Raiders to get back to the Raiders Way of football. If he is so good why is he not coaching somewhere ????

    1. Please don’t let us hire this sociopath. Just because he won a few games, he isn’t going to get anywhere.

    2. That’s what I’m saying. Be a part over in stock, make some money from it. 10% ownership shouldn’t be allowed to make those kind of decisions..

  2. Mark Davis get new people, if Tom Brady is the person holding up the hiring of AP…
    Who is more important to you, your team multiple players and 80 to 90% of Raider Nation or Tom Brady?

  3. I’d say Mark Davis does not need to listen to Tom Brady cuz number one Antonio Pierce was on the team that beat the Patriots in the super bowl the Wonder Tom Brady don’t like him he should give him a shot and hire him his head coach my opinion tell the players love them give him at least one year and see what happens

  4. If they hire Vrabel I’m done with the Raiders and I’ve been a fan since 1966. AP is a Raider. Give him a chance

      1. Amen brother. How many times are going to keep not believing what we see? Pierce is what the team wants and they respond to him. Check out the Texans. Their coach was a first time hire. Get the right piece and see what happens

  5. Go with what the fans and players want period come on people if doesn’t work out will talk the bite in the year I with hiring Antonio Pierce

  6. Brady ….Does this guy, the so-called GOAT (guess they’ve forgotten John Unitas since there wasn’t football before the Super Bowl) ever go away. I expect Mark Davis (a Brady groupie) will do whatever Tommy tells him.

  7. This message is for Tom Brady, Granite you won seven Super Bowls with your coach Belichick but that Is a chemistry that cannot be broken in the NFL history for a very long time, but the chemistry that the Raiders have with the intern coach,Antonio Pierce and his relationship of players, you as a player should know what chemistry is all about so for you to bring in Mike Vrabel into the mix is not the chemistry that the Raiders need,Antonio Pierce brings that chemistry that the Raiders need, that winning culture for the players. This message is for Mark Davis your dad Al knows about chemistry and traditional winning from being out in the field to being in the office and then being an owner for this organization, to committing to excellence, that to me as a raider fan that’s the stuff that you should’ve learned from him and doing the raider way, and not any other way, but the raider way,
    understand that kind of winning of excellence is what makes us raider fans loving the raider players, and the raider organization, so stop looking for the home run in a coach and start thinking like your dad and hiring, Antonio Pierce, and champ Kelly as your GM. don’t ruin the legacy. Continue on making the history. I hope you do the right thing.

  8. Mark, I am a great TB fan!!! But please keep in mind that TB has given Bellychick rave reviews. TB was the reason that the Pats dominated when TB was on the team. If MV is so great, why was he released? Surround AP with consultants that will help him learn his first year as head coach. The defense has improved a lot, now work on the offense. Work with AO all Spring and Summer and have him work with good coaches. The players love AP and he made real progress.

    1. Hell no to Aiden O’Connell. Dude is a sack waiting to happen. AP I’m on the fence about because of his lack of experience. This is my only argument .. let’s say we do hire AP and Harbaugh goes to the Chargers. In a couple yrs from now let’s say AP necessarily isn’t doing a bad job but everyone can see that he’s just not the answer to get us deep into the playoffs.. now over in Los Angeles Harbaugh has taken the Chargers to back to back playoff appearances and everyone can see them getting considerably better and eventually being in the Superbowl soon. I’m going to be pissed off and look back to this off-season and think.. wtf didn’t we just hire Harbaugh. Because for the past 20+yrs that’s been the luck of our team. So not only will we be starting over again in a couple yrs but we still gotta deal with Harbaugh in L. A…. Sean Payton in Denver and Andy Reid in Kansas City. Those are all 3great coaches. We’re already behind those teams at the QB position.. other than Denver but they will probably get one of the top QBs in this yrs draft. While we’re sending out Aiden O’Connell every Sunday. I’m over looking up in our division. So this Head Coaching hire right now is sfreaking huge decision to make and we gotta get it right. We can’t afford to get this wrong.

      1. I remember a time that Al gave a coach a chance (Tom Flores) how did that work out?
        A P will be alright he will surround himself with good coaches and players.
        I think free agents will want to play for him. I also think the Fan base will start showing up at the home games more too. Davis needs to trust his gut and not listen to all these outside people that then drag all the the changes to the Raiders Way

  9. P.S. The complaint on AO that he can’t run. Neither could TB. If you want a thrower AND a runner, try to draft another UM qb JJ McCarthy and keep both AO and JJ.

  10. I think some back alley willing and dealing is going on. By right u should show respect for the mess he ( Antonio) had to try and clean up. This over looking the guy who put in the work and effort isn’t Fair. Brady needs be realistic his buddies isn’t the answer.

  11. Please don’t let us hire this sociopath. Just because he won a few games, he isn’t going to get anywhere.

  12. It sure seems to me that Brady is trying to run the Raider org. Which is a mistake by Mark Davis to bring Brady in as part owner. Mark needs the Balls to tell Brady no we don’t need Patriots staff running the Raders, Mark don’t forget the Tuck Rule Brady used on us.

  13. How about the fact that legally that can’t make a announcement till Tuesday or is that something you know nothing about

  14. What’s wrong with wanting Jim Harbaugh. Not everyone wants AP. Some people want somebody else. The media is ramming AP down everyone’s throat. Id be really shitty if the Raiders made him HC.

  15. Watch the Chargers sign Harbaugh, Broncos have Payton, and the Chiefs have Reid. With Pierce we go back to the basement of the AFC West. Why can’t we hire someone in the top tier instead of having a players coach. With AP the franchise is stuck in mediocrity. Just praying we go in a direct direction than AP.

  16. To Sean Tomlin 6 super bowls not 7. But Why the hell is freakin Brady even allowed to buy a stake in the Raiders? Look MD dutch boy, you just don’t get it. Garropolo,Hoyer,Brady,Vrabel all have NE ties, cut the cord you bafoon. The Raider way not the NE way don’t you get it? Did you not listen to papa Al at all. The Raider way, i want nothing from there. They can’t even speak proper English. Let them go all of them. I’m so sick of them. Ya yagut a quotaw? Howa butta cup ov good chowdah? Jeeze Louise I can’t stand any of them…..

  17. AP&CK nothing else period.. nothing.. Get this done Davis. You owe this to everyone. Players, fans, old players, the city of las vegas and the most important all of Raider Nation. Don’t mess this up again or you may not have a team, fans, etc.

  18. Hire a RAIDER , how much money do you want to waste in ex Coaches, AP is a Raider through and through. He EARNED the chance. Let Brady along for the ride AFTER you hire AP. How many mistakes must you make on the coaching front. As your Dad says, the GREATNESS of the Raiders is in its PLAYERS. They WANT to play for AP, let them PLAY. You are going to lose the team and they are going to half *** it and not resign. You have players wanting to run through walls for the guy. You don’t even remember what Raiders playing like real Raiders is like. Bring back the glory. Speed kills, PRIDE and POISE.

  19. The great AL Davis always gave the young guy the chance AP is a Raider there would be no hesitation Dad looking down and yelling out loud hire him and Champ just win

  20. Hire AP and Champ! As for Tom Brady, he could help the Raiders by becoming either the QB coach, develope AOC on footwork, reading defenses, audible plays, clock management, a quicker release and throwing the ball away and living for the next play. That’s the help the Raiders could use, not the Patriot ball and chain dance.

  21. Need to hire Harbaugh hands down..

    AP had to many questionable losses to bad teams(scoreless vs. Vikings)

    And in a division with Payton, Reid, and say LA gets Belichick, Vrabel, or Harbaugh, we become the worst team in the AFC west again for 4+ years.

    AP seems like a good man, but we need coaching exp that can gets us to the AFC championship and beyond.

    Also, one of the reasons I don’t want AP is the same reason I don’t want Vrabel… besides that one year fluke of Dan Quinn in Atlanta and besides one year of Mike Tomlin, when was the last time a Defensive Headcoach took their team to the Superbowl in the Modern NFL era that wasn’t named Belichick?

    Hate to say it, but ya need offensive minds to reach the promised land with today’s rules and game plans….

    Harbaugh or bust!

    If we hire AP we might not be horrible, but we won’t go far in the playoffs either if we even get in, and then what? We will be doing this all over again….

  22. Do you really expect Davis to make
    the right decision? His track record is so good. The only thing he has done well is moving the team to LV and building Allegiant stadium.
    We really have a shot at making the playoffs next year with good draft choices and signing the right free agents
    Davis will find a way to blow it again

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