They Apologized to Jerry Jones, But When Will the NFL Apologize to the Raiders for Terrible Officiating?

NFL officiating has been the Raiders arch nemesis for decades, and while Sunday’s loss to the Jets can’t be pinned on the officials, the game did offer a new low for the league’s refereeing incompetence.

The league was nice enough, however, to apologize for a couple of their garbage calls last week in New England, so what is the holdup with the NFL admitting the ‘roughing the passer’ call on Maurice Hurst was even more egregious?

You remember the play. Hurst barely touched Sam Darnold and seemed to actually make an effort to avoid landing on the Jets quarterback. Darnold probably had more contact than this (below) with the whomever it was he caught mononucleosis from a couple months ago.

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Mo Hurst was called for roughing the passer on this Maxx Crosby sack

The league owes the Raiders an apology, but we all know it isn’t coming because the NFL isn’t particularly concerned about getting calls right. If they did care, they would correctly enforce pass interference calls (and non-calls) after replay.

What’s equally as obnoxious is the way networks are hiring former referees that defend their former colleagues – a dynamic that is causing even objective observers around the league to lose patience.

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If all Mike Pereira is going to do in the Fox booth is make excuses for b.s. officiating calls then get him out and put somebody in less interested in covering zebra behinds. That tripping call against Dallas was garbage…

Even better than admitting their mistakes, how about the league just start fining the referees when they screw up games? Everyone else is getting fined around the league. Why not start fining the ones actually sabotaging the product in the first place?

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6 thoughts on “They Apologized to Jerry Jones, But When Will the NFL Apologize to the Raiders for Terrible Officiating?

  1. They will never apologize to the Raiders only because most bad call against Raiders or non calls against there opposition are done purposely .. I’m tired of phantom unnecessary roughness or holding or P I calls going against us when the exact same thing happens to other team and all sudden there’s no flag.. I don’t want to hear 2 wrongs don’t make a right what I want is consistency call it the same for both teams.!

    1. I agree 💯 is all B/S when it come are RAIDERS but we know nothing else…and when see it’s like we’re the flag and then we get it…N.F.L and the referees are dictating who wins these games….

  2. The nfl will never apologize to the raiders because Al Davis sued them about 40 years ago. Lile I said the refs / roger Goodell already knows who’s going to win the game before kickoff.

  3. Patriots even have the refs on payroll. I respect Tom Brady for the remarkable quarterback that he is and most definitely will go into the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest to ever play the game but my God if they don’t start having a losing season soon I’ll have to boycott the NFL entirely. Besides, we all know that college football is far better in every sense of the sport

  4. Im in my 50th year of the NFL. Obsessed I was called for years. I was. I got into it when I was 12 when I started betting on games. I developed contacts inside the Raiders and 49ers lockerrooms. Got talked to by NFL security on two occasions. Didnt stop me one bit. THIS IS WHAT STOPPED ME. The night before the season opener in 1986 the man I place my bets with told me something heard that concerned us both. I’ve never placed a bet on a game since. Here’s what I was told. The NFL I found a way to get Davis. I’ve never done the math I just don’t have the heart to the sickening thing to know that your games are fixed I don’t do than professional wrestling for a reason. It’s not a sport That’s Entertainment when you know who’s going to win or lose. What I was told regarding getting Davis was borderline genius again I’ve never done the math and Al has been gone since 2007 I believe. Here’s what I was told what’s going to happen the Raiders. The Raiders through the use of referees in their penalty Flags will be heavily penalized at their home games against division rivals Kansas City San Diego and Denver. You lose those home games against your division rivals going to be tough road to win the division unchallenged for wild cards inside your own division you are handicapped like you can’t believe. As I said I placed my last bet in 1985 I would not touch the National Football League again unless I knew the system they operate from then a would just tap in and just rich. Any Gambler knows what a gamble that is count me out. As I said I’ve never had the heart to do the math if anybody wants to look up those games remember Raiders home games in their division 1986 too well say 2007 when Al died. Now compare that to the seasons previous to 86. Hopefully maybe it’s stopped I haven’t paid that much attention the game is just a s*** game and with a free place system that pathetic and I believe strongly the replay system is there to protect special interest I always have. I’m sorry people with common sense, don’t you think you have the mental ability to come up with a system that works I do simple the NFL has had how many replay system if it started in the first one in what year? 1986 go figure I hate this stuff it ruins everything I love football at one time loved it it’s hard to even watch the product anymore again I don’t do professional wrestling for a reason not my cup of tea. Happy Thanksgiving everybody I hope I haven’t hurt it for you. Anybody want to do the math go for it. I honestly just haven’t had the heart to look cuz I was at some of those home games for the Raiders the flags that came flying for the penalties that were so f—ing off the wall still makes me sick. Happy Thanksgiving

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