Film Session: This is the Player to Watch if the Raiders Decide to Make a Move Prior to the Trade Deadline

Are the Raiders poised to make another roster move prior to the November 3rd trade deadline?

A couple names have been swirling around the trade rumor mill, with the most prolific being Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore talked about Gilmore and Texans defensive end J.J. Watt being potential trade options for the Raiders, but the player that might make the most sense for Jon Gruden and company is Washington DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan.

Kerrigan is in the final year of his contract and Washington is loaded with edge rushers. If there is one position the Raiders would like to improve in the next five days it’s probably the pass rush, particularly on the edge. Newly acquired David Irving is versatile and will most likely end up playing primarily on the interior of Paul Guenther’s defensive line. That means the Raiders are probably still in the hunt for a player like Kerrigan.

Kerrigan is one of the most underappreciated linebacker/DE types in the NFL and contrary to what might be out there, he can play both the run and the pass. Gruden will know very well about Kerrigan’s character and football IQ from his brother, Jay, who coached Kerrigan for 5+ years.

Could the Raiders still go after Watt or Gilmore?


But the price tag will be high on both and the Raiders have young talent at both cornerback and defensive end. It doesn’t seem like a great idea to dump high draft picks on a player that 1) won’t be around for long and 2) takes snaps away from players young players like Clelin Ferrell and/or Damon Arnette.

Kerrigan should be available at just the right price and bring a dimension to the Raiders defensive line that doesn’t intrude on the playing time of anyone other than maybe Arden Key.

And that would be just fine.

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7 thoughts on “Film Session: This is the Player to Watch if the Raiders Decide to Make a Move Prior to the Trade Deadline

  1. Watt’s best days are behind him . . pass! I do not know much about Kerrigan . . but if he is good, the Raiders certainly need him! Why they have watched stud DLine player after player go to other teams in trades or free agency has been a head scratcher not to mention being frustrating as hell for us fans. It’s only been what 8-9 years that the Raiders have needed DLine help now? Al Davis built the old great Raider’s teams around great defensive lines . . and Offensive lines. Come on Raiders . . time to bite the bullet and get some help on the DLine already!!!

    Don’t be afraid of signing Stephon Gilmore if you can also. Raiders can still make noise and get into the playoffs if we make a few much needed tweaks on defense!

  2. The last thing we need is a bunch of old vets repoing the past, while all of the younger and more talented teams pass us by! Gruden and Mayock are prototypical talent evaluators of the individual vs tge strength that a player might bring to the unit total chemistry ie a wasted 3rd round pick on Tanner Muse because they like Clemson and Coach Sweeney. Not to mention, all of the wasted money on failing free agents.
    There are really good players out there, but if they are not Gruden *** kissers; they keep passing on talent that could really help our team…ie Eric Reid , Earl Thomas, etc. if Gruden and Mayock don’t do better and stop taking the Nation for granted, with a lot of character and love talk; then weary fans will leave these failing generals and their lies, empty promises, and narcissistic attitudes….were out!
    We have a really good offense and they are tired of scoring over 30 points a game and still losing because of a terrible defense and coach. It’s time to bless that offense and the Nation with a respectable defense and coaching. Now is the time before 3-3 turns into 3-6 or worse. Everybody knows that they can throw all day against the Raiders and then comes the big runs…it’s getting old guys? It’s time to do something about it Gruden and Mayock; or turn in your resignations and stop stealing money from Mark Davis.
    Al Davis, his father and the innovator and Godfather of the Nation, didn’t build the empire for you two best buds to disrespect winning and tear down the rep and mystique of “ Just win baby!” We’re tired of being tired and disappointed year after year with bad coaching and mediocre personnel, while wasting millions of Mark Davis money on bums and losers…get it right or get out!
    Eric Reid or Harrison Smith- FS
    A true slot CB
    An aggressive/ great tackling LB
    An aggressive pass rushing DE
    A DC that can coach instead of making excuses and shirking his responsibilities for preparation and execution.
    Stand strong Nation and demand better or leave and maybe they will get then.
    Coach L: Over 50 years with the Nation

  3. Yes let’s definitely bring in another successful veteran so that Guenther can make him totally ineffective but this time give up draft capital for him.

  4. The price would be too high for Watt and Gilmore, and probably Kerrigan also. Don’t give away the future for a vet player who may or may not fit into the current scheme, or who may be resting on his past exploits and not really giving much currently….

  5. Nice assessment Kent but when you say “come on Raiders” EVERYONE knows that you are talking about Jon Gruden. You know, the guy who refuses to fire Paul Guenther, the guy who keeps the absolute lowest EVER ranked quarterback in NFL history, Nathan Peterman, as his back-up quarterback, the guy who traded Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, the guy who makes 10 million dollars a year while sporting a current 14 wins and 24 losses record as coach of the Raiders this second time around, the guy who had ALL the answers when he was in the broadcast booth, the guy who wouldn’t pull the trigger on the Yannick Ngakoue trade, the guy who has an excuse for everything except how to field a winning team and lastly the guy that loyal Raiders fans have to put up with for SEVEN more years.

  6. Not a bad potential pick up. Like Nassab but better. Good tutor for Maxx and Clelin. Trade Key and the horrible Dallas DT.
    Bring in Will Compton and move Kiawikowski outside. Rotate Littleton on passing and Morrow on run downs.

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