Tim Brown Says New NFL Rule Will Be A Problem For Marshawn Lynch

Two weeks ago, Marshawn Lynch wasn’t guaranteed a penny to play football next year.

By means of restructuring his contract, the Raiders essentially guaranteed Lynch $4.5 million and are now fully committed to riding ‘Beast Mode’ for another year.

“They think [Lynch] still has gas left in the tank,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said of the Raiders on Tuesday.

“They redid that contract. They are bringing him back. He’ll be a part of that committee with Doug Martin and whatever other backs they decide to use, but there’s a presence that Marshawn Lynch brings and I think the Raiders are counting on that for this season.”

Lynch undoubtedly brings a physical running style that head coach Jon Gruden will love, but a new rule introduced at the owner’s meeting this week is concerning – particularly for a runner like Lynch.

The NFL’s new “targeting” rule will allow NFL referees to flag ball carriers for lowering their head to absorb contact with defenders.

For what it’s worth, you can’t lower your shoulders without lowering your head – but it might be fun to watch Roger Goodell try.

Former Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown doesn’t like the rule and thinks it will negatively affect Lynch’s running style.

What makes the rule even more ridiculous is that many times players lower their head and shoulders to avoid injures.

The more compact a player can be during a collision generally minimizes the risk of injury, but the NFL seems to be terrified only by head injuries at this point.

Not only will dozens of tackles now be subject to the rule each game, it also gives officials much more control over the game – at a time when the NFL is strongly reconsidering its position on gambling.

It’s bad enough that officiating crews can’t figure out the simple rules.

Now this.

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8 thoughts on “Tim Brown Says New NFL Rule Will Be A Problem For Marshawn Lynch

  1. Once again goodell finds a way to **** up this game we love… Ball handlers lower their head to reduce the impact of a hit…now they cant lower their heads … Football is a tough game ..might as well turn this into flag football

  2. This rule will likely slow down the game because almost any collision will now be subject to this rule . Fans should prepare for a snow storm in yellow this season . All the penalties will definitely slow down games . The rule makes sense if you have a player who picks a spot on another player , lowers his head and strikes that player with his helmet . If a player is putting his head down in an attempt to absorb contact , I hardly see how that player can be flagged for ” targetting ” another player . For anyone who’s watched the bare minimum of football , the difference is easy to see . Hopefully after this experiment fails , the NFL will give this more serious consideration and actually work to get it right when they are forced to revisit this in a couple of years .

    1. YES! (not yelling just abundantly agree)

      I think this will increase communication between players. The ball carrier and defender will hand signal each other that no contact is intended as they meet and tip-toe together out of bounds. Sweet. This is the new “everybody gets a trophy” football we all feared was coming and its here now.

      Going to watch more rugby.

  3. I hate to show my age but I remember when we use to go to a football game to see them play football. Rules changes over the last 40 + years have consistently aimed at protecting players from injuries while at the same time reduced time spent in practice and conditioning prior to the season continues to result in large numbers of injuries every year. Owners and players are not worried about the injuries just in protecting players with huge contracts. Unfortunately that is now everyone in the league.

  4. Stupid….. Already, after every single play, you have to hesitate 5-6 seconds because you’re waiting for yet another penalty to be called, especially on passing plays. Now we have to see if a nice run will be negated for a RB lowering his head?

    F this………. might as well turn it into flag football

  5. Go on strike.. I hate when none football playing big wigs try to make rules, when they have never been in a situation where running through a group of 260 plus men where trying to take your head off. The only way to protect yourself is to put your head down, its human instinct. If some one shoots a gun the first thing you do is put your head down. If you get into a fight you protect your head. The league has already went to far now they are just making things worse, and they wonder why the ratings are down. STRIKE UNTIL THEY REMOVE THE RULE, THIS MAY BE THE WORST ONE.

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