Trade Terms Show How Badly the Raiders Wanted to Move Away From Trent Brown

It has been clear for a while that Brown was unlikely to return to the Raiders. On Tuesday it was reported that Brown is finally being traded.

The terms of the trade tell you everything you need to know about how badly the Raiders wanted to move away from the second most expensive player on their roster. The New England Patriots will receive Trent Brown and a 2022 seventh-round pick from the Raiders, and the Raiders will receive a 2022 fifth-round pick from the Patriots.

“This deal has actually been done for a couple days. The contract is the thing that took a while,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on Brown’s now re-worked contract.

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From @GMFB: The #Patriots and #Raiders agreed on a rather large trade, with OT Trent Brown heading back to New England and the teams swapping 2022 picks. Details ⤵

For what it’s worth, the Raiders’ decision to trade Brown is a good reminder that not all reports can be taken at face value. The buzz around Brown for weeks has been that the Raiders were impressed by his offseason workouts and even up to the day before the trade there were reports that the Raiders were considering keeping him. The fact that the Raiders are trading Brown for the equivalent of an early sixth-round pick in next year’s draft tells the real story. The Raiders just wanted him gone.

Based on his latest entry on social media, Brown couldn’t be happier with the news…

As it turned out, a series of stair-climbs and box jumps on social media wasn’t enough to convince the Raiders to throw away another $14 million on a player that wasn’t good for the locker room and rarely made it on the field.

Now the Raiders can at least recoup some of the value of the 2021 sixth-round pick that Brown contributed to them losing in the first place… and gain $14 million of salary cap room in the process.

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13 thoughts on “Trade Terms Show How Badly the Raiders Wanted to Move Away From Trent Brown

  1. Raiders Management’s job of freeing up cap space “thus far” has been strategically and effectively done. What other cap casualties and acquisitions to be executed will tell the story of whether or not these guys are finally getting it right. To be continued….

  2. Trent was a check casher. He was a good tackle, when healthy. He came in last fall fat and out of shape. His own doing. And then violated the team covid protocol. Trent hurt the team. Bye!

  3. How little the Raiders received also indicated how little the rest of the league thought of Brown. Overweight, out-of-shape, and unmotivated, while taking up an huge portion of the salary cap. Good riddance! Now the Raiders can focus on attracting and retaining guys who want to contribute.

  4. Some marriages are doomed to fail from the get go! The narrative now should be how bad Gruden and Mayock have been both with drafting players and signing free agents. They need to get their act together and this year they better hit on almost all picks and FA signings or in my opinion this Gruden Mayock combo should be broken up with one or both going!!

  5. SOOOO happy he’s gone!!! He didn’t do anything but ROB us…he hated being a Raider ….so GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  6. I’m happy t.b is gonna be traded if he was not happy f**kem raiders need to “QUIT MAKING STUPID F-ING SINGING A & WAISTING $$$$ ON SOME OF THESE A-HOLES”

  7. Great, same old song. We keep on getting rid of dead unproductive weight. We keep paying money for players who sit their fat glutes on the bench because they are hurt
    Good riddance.

  8. What is REALLY WRONG with the Raiders? The TWO News Articles Below Tell the WHOLE STORY.

    Jon Gruden’s free-agent moves have not panned out very well
    Posted by Mike Florio on March 9, 2021, 10:07 AM EST

    The Raiders have made plenty of moves with Jon Gruden back at the helm. They haven’t gone so well.

    From receiver Antonio Brown (a total disaster) to a trio of players who will be gone after two years (tackle Trent Brown, safety Lamarcus Joyner, receiver Tyrell Williams), these players added in 2019 haven’t done much to make things better.

    And they’ve spent a lot of money in the process. Millions in money (although they ultimately may have avoided paying Antonio Brown much, if any).

    So what will the consequences be? Well, what have the consequences of three straight non-playoff seasons been? There are no consequences for Gruden, not with a 10-year, $100 million contract and an owner who counts Gruden as a close friend if not a best friend. For Mark Davis, having Gruden as the coach means more than winning or making it to the playoffs.

    Without significant fear of ultimate accountability, Gruden can do whatever he wants. He can be the mad scientist whose lab explodes. He can go 8-8 or worse every year and never make the playoffs.

    That hasn’t insulated Gruden from external accountability. More and more people are starting to notice that Gruden really hasn’t done all that much since waltzing into a Tampa Bay locker room with a championship-caliber defense in 2002.

    Some have asked whether and to what extent G.M. Mike Mayock has responsibility for the situation. He’s not blameless, but the reality is that Gruden runs the show.

    Others believed that Mayock was in danger of getting the Paul Guenther treatment after the 2020 season ended. Mayock may have been saved by the simple fact that Gruden would have had a hard time hiring someone as good or better than Mayock as the next G.M.

    Ultimately, this is Jon Gruden’s show. And while that show has had its moments (including a win over the Chiefs in 2020), the results to date have been disappointing. With each passing year, the pressure increases on Gruden to show that the game hasn’t passed him by. Whether that ever makes Mark Davis pass Gruden by remains to be seen.

    Raiders have nothing to show for after 3 years of free agency
    Originally posted on The Raider Ramble

    By Carlos Sanchez | Last updated 3/9/21

    The Las Vegas Raiders have been aggressive in free agency since Jon Gruden became their head coach in 2018. However, their willingness to add talent in the open market hasn’t translated into wins. To add insult to injury, many of the free agents that were supposed to have an impact are no longer with the team.

    Wait, hold up. What’s going on?

    The Raiders have made splash signings every year since 2018. In Gruden’s first year with the team, they added linebacker Tahir Whitehead and wide receiver Jordy Nelson. In 2019, it was Trent Brown, Lamarcus Joyner, Tyrell Williams, and Richie Incognito. Last season was no different and Las Vegas signed defensive end Carl Nassib, wide receiver Nelson Agholor, linebackers Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkoski, tight end Jason Witten and safety Jeff Heath.

    Out of all those players, only Nassib, Heath, Littleton, and Kwiatkoski remain with the team, as they traded Trent Brown to the New England Patriots early Tuesday. Nevertheless, only Littleton and Kwiatkoski are locks to stay. On the other hand, there’s only one reason why they are keeping Nassib. Releasing him wouldn’t free up much cap space and his dead cap hit would be $9.25 million. Nevertheless, if they could find a trade partner, they would probably ship him.

    How did the Raiders get here?

    Looking back, the Raiders have nothing to show for these signings. It would be one thing if they couldn’t keep the team together after winning a Super Bowl. Nevertheless, their spending ways haven’t bore fruit. You could argue it’s a good thing they’re investing money in free agents. This is especially true after they opted not to pay All-Pro Khalil Mack and decided to ship him to the Chicago Bears instead.

    However, the fact they are signing players just to release them one or two seasons later is concerning. This doesn’t reflect well on Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock. Not every free-agent addition is going to pan out, but when most of them have failed, it’s fair to wonder what went wrong. Although this could change this year, past results aren’t encouraging and paint a bleak picture moving forward.

  9. Good move raiders can’t continue to pay big money for players that for 2 years continue to come into camp overweight and not in shape! Plus by his reaction don’t think he ever wanted to be a raider just came here for the money good ridens trent!

  10. Good riddance Trent Brown… We all know that you’ll be just as happy as another Brown that took his money and ran!
    These players should be on the hook for robbery when it comes down to the money that they take from franchises.

    Hopefully the Raiders can learn a valuable lesson when it comes down to it because they got the shaft in this deal period… absolutely no compensation!

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