Training Camp Report Hints That Raiders Might Start Two Rookie Wide Receivers

Now that Tyrell Williams has been diagnosed with a torn labrum, what is the Raiders plan if his shoulder doesn’t hold up?

Given how much Jon Gruden loves veteran wide receivers, he wouldn’t consider starting two rookie wide receivers, would he?

Of course first-round pick Henry Ruggs III is going to be on the field a lot, but third-round pick Bryan Edwards may have earned that opportunity, too. Edwards has been one of the most exciting stories from training camp and according to The Athletic’s Tashan Reed, Edwards has been taking first-team reps with Williams out.

“Today running with the one’s, Bryan Edwards was there,” Reed said Wednesday on the State of the Nation podcast. “I don’t know if I can technically say that or not, but they had him out there. So I don’t think there’s any hesitancy to start him, I just think Gruden may not want people to know that yet or how good that they think he is. But I don’t think they’re going to not put him out there just for the sake of saying ‘ah, we don’t want to have a starting rookie wide receiver duo.’”

Nothing would be more out of character for Gruden than to start two 21 year-old wide receivers, but it sounds like it might be a real possibility this year.

It’s been well-documented that Gruden also likes Nelson Agholor and don’t forget the Raiders are expected to run a lot of sets with multiple tight ends. As we learned last year, tight end Darren Waller can line up anywhere on the field, so the potential loss of Williams might force Gruden to get a little creative, but that’s not something he has been afraid to do in the past.

Starting two rookie receivers, though, is something Gruden has never done in the past.

But then again, it’s 2020. There is no normal anymore. Gruden starting two rookie receivers would just be latest example.

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4 thoughts on “Training Camp Report Hints That Raiders Might Start Two Rookie Wide Receivers

  1. If T. Williams opts for surgery then I would go with Z. Jones and H. Ruggs as the starting WRs. B. Edwards would back up Jones in case he falters and K. Doss would backup Ruggs. Like Jones Edwards is seen as a possession receiver and is therefore preferable for OC Greg Olsen who favors the short passing game. N. Agholor and H. Renfrow would compete for playing time in the slot.

  2. Probably better off. Williams will be put on IR and cut next year. Willams made out like a bandit. Raiders get another Javon Walker.

    1. TERRIBLE Man!

      You ought to be a shame of yourself. Plz dont call yourself a Raiders Fan! You’re just NOT!

      Injury is injury. These are fastest men in the world. Busting thier ever living asses off out there for real fans. T. Williams is very solid, and if he’s injured then he’s injured. Why don’t YOU get out there and get the job done bud. You be the starting WR out there.

  3. Don’t bash Williams. He played with a crappy foot, wants to play with a bum shoulder. Not his fault injuries hurt his production.

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